Hult: The Emerging Markets after COVID19 & the rise of China

We invite you to join a virtual corporate workshop on Emerging Markets after COVID19 & the rise of China, exclusive to selected companies in the Middle East and Africa.

For two decades, a select group of developing countries, the emerging markets, have been singled out as being the most attractive locations for business development and investment. The investment activities of Chinese firms in Africa for example is re-shaping competitiveness of these economies and impacting the business fortunes of multinationals from developed economies.

This workshop will consider the following:

(a) What does it mean to be an emerging market?

(b) How does the COVID19 pandemic impact the emerging markets?

(c) What does the arrival of China as a key investor in emerging markets mean for the global economy?

You will receive a link to access the session after registration.

Tue, 16 Nov, 6pm - 7:30pm GST (local Dubai time)

About the professor

Dr. Yusaf H. Akbar

Dr. Yusaf Akbar:

Dr. Yusaf H. Akbar is an Associate Professor in Management at Central European University.

His research interests are located at the intersection of business strategy, public policy, and business model innovation. Current research examines evolving sharing economy business models, non-market strategy and dynamic capabilities, among others.

His consulting and professional references include Citibank, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Telenor, Texas Instruments and Toyota.

He is an active Advisory Board Member to several emerging market start-up firms.

Recent Awards and significant projects

  • Research Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Hult Professor of the Year 2013, 2014, 2015 (Dubai) and 2016 (Dubai & Shanghai)
  • Hult Research Award 2017

Teaching experience

Extensive teaching and executive education experience in more than 10 countries including MIB School of Management, Hult International Business School, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Stockholm School of Economics, University of Michigan.


He completed Visiting Researcher positions at University of Trieste and the Wirtschaftsuniversiteit in Vienna in 2013.

He has published in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of World Business, Business and Politics, Cross-Cultural Management, Global Governance, Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Harvard Business Review, International Business Review, Thunderbird International Business Review, Journal of Air Transport Management and World Competition. He has published two books the first entitled EU Enlargement and Central Europe: Regulatory Convergence and the Multinational Enterprise and another volume, Global Antitrust: Trade and Competition Linkages. He is co-editor (with Rustam Jamilov) of a book entitled Neo-Transition Economics published in 2015.

He has served as an Editorial Advisory Board member on the following journals: Thunderbird International Business Review, Journal of Asia-Pacific Business and the European Journal of International Management.

He has authored or co-authored numerous business case studies of both large and smaller entrepreneurial firms including BMB, ING Insurance, Datwyler, Philips, Smollan Group, Vendedy, Vienna International Airport, Zwack Unicum and Hummus Bar.