Master Google Ads - Set Up Your First Search Campaign for Success

Discover from a former Google employee and global agency owner what it takes to set up a Google Ads Campaign for success. You'll not just learn what is needed to succeed with Google Ads, but also what prerequisites any company should fulfill before spending any money on this important marketing channel. In this interactive workshop, you'll create your first Google Ads campaign! Giving you an insight into what practical and real-life learning is like at Hult, you'll leave this workshop with applicable skills that have true value on the job market!

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Sat, 12 December 2020

About Pamela Wagner

Pamela Wagner

Pamela Wagner graduated from Hult in 2014. She now heads Ajala Digital, a global boutique marketing agency focused on Google and Facebook advertising. Before founding the company in early 2016, she worked at Google and in several other industries around the world. Her company is a Google Partner, and she has helped 2000+ advertisers grow their businesses through custom online advertising strategies. Currently, Pamela teaches Paid Ads courses at universities in Vienna, London, and Boston. She has been to 80 countries and runs her company completely location-independent with a worldwide team. In 2017, Pamela was honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30.