Future Proofing through Innovation in the New Normal

Join an interactive Masterclass to experience a Hult class from home with Professor Daniel Rukare. This will be an enjoyable one-hour session that will challenge your thinking. Students will be able to get an understanding of how to:

  • Create adaptive, resilient, and antifragile systems within business

  • Underpin creative confidence and Innovation in businesses

  • Develop ambidextrous business models within business

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Mon, 26 July, 6:00pm (GST)

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Daniel Rukare

Agenda (GST):

6.00 pm - Welcome words

6.05 pm - Hult Master Class with Professor Daniel Bukare

7.00 pm - Close

Professor Daniel Rukare:

Daniel is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School, lecturer at Oxford Cherwell Valley College-Oxford Brookes University, business Lecturer- Swansea Metropolitan University, commercial experience at: FedEx and DHL, and an entrepreneur who runs two private businesses in consulting and ranching.

 His teaching philosophy is a rounded teaching approach; especially when delivering on Entrepreneurship modules. His emphasis is on establishing an environment that allows the students to be able to challenge the norms and status quo. In so doing, it creates an enriched environment where students are empowered as well as expected to carry out independent research. His initial sessions are designed to rationalize complex theoretical concepts through the depiction and portrayal of practical aspects, hence enabling the foundation for incremental rigor and complexity while acknowledging the wide student diversity.



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