Digital Masterclass | Future Shocks: Building Resilience & Adaptability in Uncertainty

Join Hult Professor Cari Guittard leading an interactive Digital Masterclass on Future Shocks. This Masterclass is a preview of Hult's Future Mindset course followed by a Q&A session. You will also have a chance to hear more about our Postgraduate Programs after the Masterclass.

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Tue, March 31, 18:30 GST / 20:00 IST

About the Digital Masterclass

Message from Cari Guittard:

In this Masterclass preview, we will explore the mindset and skillsets required to adapt, thrive, and lead in uncertainty and severe disruption. A future mindset - the ability to think creatively about the future, develop clarity and then take actionable steps in the present to build the future you care about - is an essential critical leadership skill. In this interactive session, we will explore several tools of master futurists, challenge ourselves to think differently and come away with practical insights to further our learning.

Developing and leveraging future mindsets, skill sets and tools in a practical way all while immersed in a global cross-cultural environment are at the core of the Hult experience and I look forward to sharing more about the Hult journey and meeting you all very soon. Please join us,

Professor Guittard

Agenda (GST):

18:30 - Digital Masterclass | Future Shocks: Building Resilience & Adaptability in Uncertainty

19:00 - Q&A Session with Cari Guittard

19:15 - Program Info Sessions (Masters, MBA, EMBA)

This live webinar will be recorded and the recording will be sent to all registrations.

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About Professor Cari Guittard

Cari Guittard develops, deploys and manages strategic global partnerships, crisis management response and thought leadership efforts for senior clients as well as leads masterclasses for international organizations and executive leadership on a number of global fronts.

Guittard developed her approach to Persuasion & Strategic Influence working with masters in global advertising, branding, marketing, and PR space.

Guittard has expertise in global affairs, corporate diplomacy, crisis management, cybersecurity, international negotiations, women's leadership/gender intelligence, strategic communications, public diplomacy, and national security issues and efforts. Extensive experience building, branding and leveraging unique multi-discipline tri-sector partnerships between government agencies, NGOs, companies and private citizens for effective engagement and impact. Keynote speaker, facilitator, ghostwriter.

Guittard, who received The Most Inspirational Faculty Award in 2018, serves as a graduate Leadership Professor at Hult running courses in Persuasion & Strategic Influence, Corporate Diplomacy & Geopolitical Risk, Women's Leadership & Gender Intelligence, International Negotiations & Future Mindset.

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Cari won The Most Inspirational Faculty Award in 2018

Cari Guittard, San Francisco

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