Digital Masterclass | Psychology of Panic Working

Join an interactive Digital Masterclass by Prof. Dr. Ali Fenwick to learn about panic working and how to develop people strategies to tackle this and other HR-related matters amid Covid19.

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Sun, May 17

About the Digital Masterclass

People have different ways of dealing with the Covid19 situation. Be it working to survive, regain control, act busy, or ignore reality, many employees will react in a similar way by panic working. Employers can easily mistake busyness for productivity and overlook the possible negative consequences of hyper-productivity to employee well-being and organizational performance. Being aware of this growing phenomenon will put you in a strategic position to take care of your people and secure the future of the organization.

Agenda (GST):

17:30 - 18:45 Digital Masterclass | Psychology of Panic Working

18:45 - 19.00 Program Info Sessions (Masters, MBA, EMBA)

This live webinar will be recorded and the recording will be sent to all registrations.

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About Professor Ali Fenwick

Ali Fenwick is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Innovation. At HULT, he teaches Leading for Innovation, Organizational Behavior, Future of Work, Behavioral Economics, Management Psychology, and Leadership Development.

Ali’s research focuses on the behavioral foundations of organizations and management and explores how psychological interventions can be applied within the (digital) workplace to increase employee well-being and organizational performance.

Ali is also the Founder and CEO of LEAD TCM&L™, a global behavioral science advisory firm developing nudges and psychological interventions for Business, Education, Government, and NGOs. Ali is a Harvard Business Review Contributor, TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Behavioral Expert on TV, Conference Chair, Author, and Strategic Advisor.

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