Hult Info Session - Masters MBA and EMBA

Join us for Hult's Info Session to find out what it is like to study business at a truly international school. Learn about Hult from the Director of Enrollment and Hult Alumni.

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Wed, 15 July, 19:00 - 20:00 Dubai time


Join us for a Hult Info Session to find out what it is like to study business at a truly international school in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. You’ll hear from our Director of Enrollment and Alumni and get a chance to ask questions about our Postgraduate programs. The event will start with a program presentation followed by an Alumni speaker and Q&A session.

Learn how an internationally focused degree can help prepare you for success in an increasingly global world, and see what life could be like as a Hult student.


20 Min - Hult Presentation to learn more about our Postgraduate Programs
20 Min - Meet Hult Alumni from the Middle East
20 Min - Q&A Session - ask any questions from our Director of Enrollment or Alumni

hult dubai campus event

What our students say

Vanessa Macho Cibrian

Hult is one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I now consider myself a better professional, with enough energy and confidence in myself to enter the competitive world of international business. The MIB is not only intense avcademically, it is also intense in the quantity and quality of friendships that you can make in such a short time.

Vanessa Macho Cibrian

MIB Class of 2020

Mignnone Karugu

“The Hult MBA offers a curriculum that emphasizes practical skills and leadership. Students are diverse and come with different experiences that others can benefit from, which is reflected in the real business world.”

Mignnone Karugu

MBA Class of 2018

Karim Hechema

“I was as worried and uncertain as anybody else about virtual learning. I’ve traditionally been a “classic” student: notebook and pen, attending courses and lectures with printed books…Until I had my first virtual course with my incredible professor. The learnings, knowledge, and experiences shared were outstanding. It's transformed me—I'm ready for the future, ready to embrace change, agile, with a resilient mindset.”

Karim Hechema

EMBA Class of 2021