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You're invited to a call with Hult’s Enrollment Director to learn more about our programs just before our Scholarship Applications Deadline (January 20, 2022).

During this Phone Consultation, we will be able to take an in-depth look at your profile. The call will also give you an insight into how studying at Hult could fulfill your personal, academic, and career goals. You will learn about our unique Postgraduate programs, application requirements, and scholarship opportunities.

Please confirm the personal call with one of our Enrollment Staff after registering below.

Mon, January 10, 2022 - Fri, January 14 - 09:30 AM-19:00 PM

For Those Made to Do

Business degrees designed to challenge

In the real world, we rarely use skills in isolation. A musician may learn theory and rehearse on their own, but the ultimate test of their ability is live performance.

It’s the same in business: theory, case studies, and techniques become relevant only when applied in a real business context in real-time with real people. That’s why all our programs are centered around real-world business challenges.

By working in diverse teams to solve complex business problems, our students continually practice what they’ll be doing in the workplace. As an educational experience, it’s unpredictable, challenging—and completely transformational.

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