Virtual Chat with Turkish Hult Alumni

Let’s get together online for a chat with Hult students and get your questions answered. Ask about everything—from our campuses and student accommodation to our hands-on curriculum and clubs at Hult. It’s time to get excited about what the future holds for you at Hult.

Tue, 16 June 2020, 7:00pm - 8:00pm IST Turkey

About the students


Demirhan Erim

Master of International Marketing, Boston & San Francisco

I am a product maker who is flowing as an outlier electrical and electronics engineer with masters in international marketing.

In addition to having an analytical and problem-solving mindset, I am running with an out of the box thinker mind which helps me to keep my head in the sky while my feet are on the ground. The combination of the balanced mindset, determination, and curiosity make me a resilient entrepreneur who has three disruptive tech businesses with nine successful products in the United States and Turkey.

I am passionate about serving humanity by leading the change, bringing innovative minds together, and making impressive ideas become real products.


Turgut Tabak

Master of Business Administration, Boston

My personal interests are international culture, architecture, photography, politics and business strategy.

I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey although I’ve been living in different countries in the past 15 years: France, Brazil, US and more recently I moved to UK to pursue my career after an MBA.

The MBA year with Hult in Boston and NY was extremely intense and the best I could have given the fact I wanted to be surrounded by a multicultural environment as well as enhance my knowledge of international business, entrepreneurship, and finance. Topics such as disruptive innovation, A.I, digital marketing and strategy were definitely, subjects that made me feel prepared for the reality for the future of businesses considering my background was previously mostly focused on international relations and economics within the public sector.

During 9 months in Boston I was running Hult Consulting Club and connecting with different companies as well as the most relevant global consultancy firms in order to build the school network with them.