Real Confessions of a Business Analytics Professor

Join us in a conversation with Prof. Omar Romero-Hernandez, who designed and started Hult's MSc. Business Analytics Program. We will have an honest discussion about the Business Analytics industry, his motivations for starting the program, and how the field of Business Analytics has been evolving.

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Tue. 19 January 2021, 6PM - 6:45PM GMT

What you can expect...

  • 6PM - 6:05PM - Welcome and Introduction by the Program Enrollment Director
  • 6:05PM - 6:35PM - Conversation with Prof. Omar Romero-Hernandez moderated by the Program Director
  • 6:35PM - 6:45PM - Live Q&A where you get a chance to ask questions.

Prof. Romero-Hernandez is not your stereotypical Business Analytics Professor. He is a Chemical Engineer, turned Business Analyst, who is responsible for educating hundreds of professionals that are shaping the business world right now. If there is anyone who can tell you why you should (or should not) study Business Analytics it is him!

Here are some of the questions we will ask Prof. Romero-Hernandez to give you a taste of the event:

  • Why did you shift your career to Business Analytics?
  • When you designed this course, what kind of future path were you thinking for Hult graduates?
  • What are the challenges you had in putting together a CV for the MSc. BA, in all its forms (PT, Hybrid, Full-Time)?
  • Can you tell us a Hult story that you’ll never forget?
  • Is Business Analytics the newest trend scary (big companies are producing mass data and there is little workforce able to understand it)?

This event is not focusing on Hult’s Business Analytics Program per se. However, you will still be able to ask enrollment and program-specific questions during the Q&A.




Prof. Romero-Hernandez was one of the recipients of the 2010 Franz Edelman Award, the world’s most prestigious award on Operations Research and Management Science. He is a Chemical Engineer with graduate studies in Economic Policy and Government and a Ph.D. in Process Economics and Environmental Impact from Imperial College, England.

Omar has worked for a diverse range of public and private organizations such as Procter & Gamble, PEMEX (Oil & Gas), Accenture, and the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources. In 2001, he was appointed as Professor at ITAM and Fulbright Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Since 2009 he has been a faculty member of the Haas School of Business, UCB

Currently, he is a National Researcher and author of four books and several international publications on engineering, business and sustainable development. He has led various internationally awarded projects in the field of renewable energy, sustainable business strategies, and business processes – sponsors include the United Nations, Ministry of the Environment, Industry consortiums, the Stock Exchange and NGOs.

What our students say

Marcelo Tournier

The program presented a unique opportunity to enter Silicon Valley, the place where innovation was simply exploding!

Marcelo Tournier

Masters in Business Analytics, Class of 2019