Experience Hult Copenhagen

Join us virtually for the day to find out what it is like to study business at a truly international school. Meet your Enrollment Advisor online, attend a Masterclass with one of our professors and learn everything about Hult's postgraduate degrees.

  • 9 December, 2021
  • 7pm CET
  • Join via Zoom or meet us in-Person in Copenhagen



At Hult, you'll learn through experience. That’s why we bring our Experience Hult events to you so you can get a feel for what it’s like to be a Hult student without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • 7PM - Welcome and a Presentation by the Program Enrollment Director
  • 7:15PM - Master class with Hult Professor
  • 7:00PM - Programs Overview
  • 8:30PM - Current students and Alumni panel and Q&A.
  • 8:45PM - Closing remarks
hult students at a talk in the auditorium

About the Professor

Dean Sam

Chris Kinsville-Heyne

Professor of Leadership & Strategy

As a British army officer, he commanded a NATO Mobile News Team at the end of the Civil War in the Former Yugoslavia (FY), returning shortly afterwards as a NATO Spokesman. As a Staff Officer, he designed the Crisis Communication plan for Media Operations in FY and was the focal point for all NATO communication prior to the Kosovo campaign. He has served in most NATO countries, training personnel to deliver strategic messages in challenging environments. Chris is also a Royal Engineers Intelligence Officer.

Chris has been published internationally and by the Harvard Business Review for his insights into Crisis Communication & Management.

Chris has lectured to and advised the US State Department, UK Civil Service, the European Union and personally trained the Prime Minister of Iraq before he took office following the Gulf War. He was published in Harvard Business Review for his views and opinions on Crisis Communications and Crisis Management, in particular on ISIS and corporate key message development during times of crisis.

Organisational Tai Chi: The art of staying agile in a stressful market

About the Masterclass

The past eighteen months have been like no other. Working practices have changed, possibly for good, and while we see our high streets gradually opening their doors once again, there are some businesses which did not survive the pandemic.

Professor Chris Kinsville-Heyne’s new Hult Masterclass, looks at how our business landscape has changed - and is still changing.

It shines a spotlight on who managed to show three essential traits, Coordination, Agility and Strength, to deal with the rapid changes imposed upon all of us - and who didn’t.

For example:

• Why did a global brand, valued at over £1.7billion, fail miserably in 2020?

• How do CEOs of major banks feel about the new normal of working from home?

• How easy is it to switch from relying on regular retail footfall to e-commerce?

• What factors should be considered when appointing a new Chairperson?

• When do you know when to switch to crisis mode?

What our students say

Vanessa Macho Cibrian

Hult is one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I now consider myself a better professional, with enough energy and confidence in myself to enter the competitive world of international business. The MIB is not only intense academically, it is also intense in the quantity and quality of friendships that you can make in such a short time.

Vanessa Macho Cibrian

MS International Business London, Class of 2020