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This webinar, as part of Hult’s Virtual Skills Lab, is on tackling the big questions in today’s world. The topic will be hosted by Professor Olaf Groth on 'The Future of Work: AI and Symbio-Intelligence Between Humans and Machines'.

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Fri, 08 May 20, 5:00pm - 6:00pm PST

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As we adapt to changing structures and dynamics in our economic, political and social environments driven by the Pandemic, the question of how the future of work will shake out is more paramount than ever.

Uncertainties are abound: Will we see a de-emphasizing of physical presence? What shape will virtual interaction take and how will that work for human needs? How great will the pressure be to shed cost through automation? How valuable and defensible are human skills and capabilities? What role will data play and how will smart machines and humans collaborate to generate, collect, process, curate, interpret, sell, buy and critique it? Will our digital twins be the virtual workers of the future?

In this webinar, Prof. Groth will give an overview of the current state of thinking in the field and then paint a thought-provoking picture of a plausible and highly disruptive future for work and productivity that is ours to shape to our advantage. This future rests on two powerful driving forces for the next growth horizon of the digital economy: humans as creators and curators; and data as labor in a $3 trillion market.

Professor Olaf Groth

Olaf is a Professor of Practice for Global Strategy, Innovation & Economics, Digital & Disruption Futures at Hult International Business School, teaching across a global network of campuses in San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Ashridge, Dubai and Shanghai. He also serves as Professional Faculty for International Business & Policy, Technology and Strategy at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Olaf has 25 years of experience as an executive and adviser in innovation and tech focused multinationals (Vodafone, Boeing, Qualcomm), startups and consultancies. He is Founder & CEO of insights think-tank Cambrian Futures and product do-tank Cambrian Designs ( which advises corporate, government and foundation clients on deeptech disruption (e.g. AI, IOT, EAVs, quantum computing, synthetic bio, brain-computer interfaces, etc.) organization and strategies. He is a member of the Global Expert Network for the 4th Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum, a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley’s Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE) and its program Work in the Era of Intelligent Tools & Systems (WITS).

Olaf is co-author of “Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines” and a frequent contributor to media outlets like WIRED, Financial Times, The Hill, Harvard Business Review (USA, Germany, France, Italia), California Management Review, Quartz, FOCUS, Die Zeit, World Economic Forum, Huffington Post, Peter Drucker Forum, LSE, Today’s CFO, Thunderbird International Business Review, World Financial Review, European Business Review, Roubini EconoMonitor, Duke CE Dialogue, NPR, ZDF, and ARD.

Olaf holds PhD & MALD degrees in international affairs with business, economics and technology focus from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, MAIPS & BA degrees with economics focus from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He studied negotiation at Harvard, economics at Georgetown, finance at Berkeley, strategic leadership at the Center for Creative Leadership.

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