Virtual Skills Lab | Map your Career in Your City

This webinar, as part of Hult’s Virtual Skills Lab, is on tackling the big questions in today’s world. The topic will be hosted by Katharine Boshkoff on" Map your Career in Your City".

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Wed, 3 Nov, 05:00pm - 06:00pm PST

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Matt Fisher

About the class

Post-graduation job opportunities are shaped by the talent needs of businesses in the region. With a focus on employment, this webinar will cover regional talent needs, top skills and competencies in demand, and job search strategies for each market. We will spotlight trends in Boston, Dubai, London and San Francisco. With your future job in mind, this webinar will highlight what you should know about demand for international talent and specific competencies around each of our campuses

Katharine Boshkoff

Katharine is an advocate for international employment and an expert in trends in the changing demand for global talent. A thought leader on student strategies to achieve US market entry as well as to gain traction in other global markets, she has helped thousands of students achieve employment outside their home country. At Hult, Katharine leads the Hult Career, Corporate Relations and Alumni teams.

A career changer herself, Katharine's career has included roles as a Silicon Valley consultant and investor, entrepreneur, and several assignments as VP of Marketing at large tech companies. She is passionate about helping students navigate the world of work and has been a lecturer at the Kauffman Institute for Entrepreneurship, Presidio Graduate School in Sustainability and at Hult.

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