Virtual Skills Lab | Gender Balanced Leadership in Times of Crisis

This webinar, as part of Hult’s Virtual Skills Lab, is on tackling the big questions in today’s world. The topic will be hosted by Prof. Margareta James on 'Gender Balanced Leadership in Times of Crisis'.

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Weds, 24 March, 9:00am - 10:00am GMT

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Margareta James

Update | 16 March 2021: This class will now be hosted by Prof. Margareta James.

About the class

During the best of times, gender equality and equity are objectives we should all strive towards. During times of crisis, such as the pandemic, 'balance for better' is even more of a crucial consideration, not just in terms of leadership, diverse decision-making and collaborative initiatives, but also in avoiding situations that disproportionately impact women, as they have been in the last year. Join us as we explore these important ideas and talk about ways in which together we can achieve greater balance across different industries.

About the professor:

Margareta is regarded as a world recognised behavioural and mind management expert and consultant. Her firm belief that 'your mindset makes or breaks you' forms the foundation for her work. Margareta is the Founding Director of the Harley Street Wellbeing Clinic where she creates and delivers strategic change programmes for elite international athletes, senior business executives and family business owners that are profound and impactful. Margareta is a Professor of Leadership and Personal Development at Hult International Business School and also runs a successful private practice, where it is all about positive change for individuals. She works with celebrities, royals, companies, family businesses, schools, sport teams and individuals in the UK and overseas.

Margareta’s thinking has attracted much media attention. Her work has been covered by various international TV and Radio channels such as the BBC and M1, and in the press on topical and impactful issues surrounding mind management, success and wellbeing. She also speaks at conferences and delivers Personal Development and Change programmes. She has a profile as a knowledgeable, accessible and hugely impactful Wellbeing Expert and Executive Coach, who inspires and motivates people around the world from Asia across the Middle East, Europe and the US. Challenging, perceptive and kind, her leading edge thinking inspires, stimulates and motivates.

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