Virtual Skills Lab | Gender Balanced Leadership in Times of Crisis

This webinar, as part of Hult’s Virtual Skills Lab, is on tackling the big questions in today’s world. The topic will be hosted by Dean Samineh Shaheem on 'Gender Balanced Leadership in Times of Crisis'.

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Weds, 24 March, 9:00am - 10:00am GMT

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About the class

During the best of times, gender equality and equity are objectives we should all strive towards. During times of crisis, such as the pandemic, 'balance for better' is even more of a crucial consideration, not just in terms of leadership, diverse decision-making and collaborative initiatives, but also in avoiding situations that disproportionately impact women, as they have been in the last year. Join us as we explore these important ideas and talk about ways in which together we can achieve greater balance across different industries. 

About the professor:

Dr Samineh I. Shaheem is a Learning and Development Senior Consultant, Professor of Psychology & Leadership, author and keynote speaker with a successful track record in the design, development and delivery of culturally relevant, innovative courses and business/leadership skill building programs. For the last 2 decades, she has worked across numerous industries and countries, including the US, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. Since 2017, she has been the Dean of the London Master Programs campus of Hult International Business School.

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