Virtual Skills Lab | Effective Messaging to Drive Change

This webinar, as part of Hult’s Virtual Skills Lab, is on tackling the big questions in today’s world. The topic will be hosted by Professor Matthew Fisher on 'Effective Messaging to Drive Change'.

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Fri, 30 July, 9:00am - 10:00am EDT

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Matt Fisher

About the class

This virtual skills session centers on crafting messages and delivering information that gets attention and is remembered.  Research findings and creative slogans are of little value if no one retains them.  Learn how to deliver more memorable insights with a framework that enhances retention and aids in selection amongst alternatives.

Matthew Fisher

Matthew Fisher is an adjunct professor teaching a variety of courses and subjects at San Francisco State University, Hult International Business School and on occasion at Saint Mary’s College.

Originally from Michigan, Matt completed his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University, majoring in finance.  After nearly ten years in financial services and real estate, he obtained three master’s degrees; an MA in philosophy and MBA from SFSU and an MIB (international business) from the Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Matt teaches mostly in marketing and management disciplines, with classes in strategy, branding, business ethics and sales, but his extensive entrepreneurial experience (in real estate development, in the finance sector, and running a small business for a period of time), has also allowed him to teach in the areas of economics, entrepreneurship, operations and philosophy. He is a versatile instructor who integrates his broad professional experience into his teaching content, and has a unique, humorous and engaging teaching style that compels students to seek out his courses.  A by-product of Matt’s engagement with students has earned him another experience -  writing of over 100 letters of recommendation!

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