Hult continues to innovate on behalf of its students by introducing a new partnership with high-performance coaching and performance psychology organization Mindflick. The collaboration allows Hult’s full-time MBA students access to Mindflick’s cutting-edge individual and team performance tool, which was honed for more than 25 years in the world of high-performance sports.

Mindflick’s philosophy is based on the belief that people need psychological adaptability to thrive in a constantly changing world. Its tools have been developed based on decades of work with elite athletes including Olympians, Paralympians, Formula 1 drivers, and Premier League footballers. Hult International Business School empowers students to learn by doing, with a focus on solving business challenges in order to build the skills and mindsets needed for successful careers.

“We’re really excited to partner with Hult International Business School,” said Pete Lindsay, co-founder of Mindflick. “The Mindflick platform, powered by our unique psychometric profile tool – Spotlight, will help Hult MBAs build skills that focus on shifting mindsets and behavior, understanding the importance of adaptability, how mental preferences play into their strengths and weaknesses, how stress can impact their behavior, and the power of small changes to make big impact.

“From our extensive work in high-performance environments, we have developed practical tools that go beyond traditional classroom methods to help Hult’s MBA students build meaningful relationships with peers and understand themselves better to unearth the power of their own adaptive thinking.”

— Pete Lindsay, co-founder of Mindflick

“At Hult, we go beyond teaching business knowledge—helping students to develop the capabilities, awareness, and adaptability that they’ll need in the workplace,” said Hult President Matt Lilley.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to help our students improve, and we are thrilled to be the first global business school to work with Mindflick to increase both the self-awareness and collaboration skills of our full-time MBA students. Enabling them to expertly work alongside one another while also tapping their individual potential will be invaluable to their careers, and their lives.”

Some 300 full-time MBA students at Hult campuses in Boston, London, Dubai, and San Francisco are actively using the Mindflick Spotlight tool, including Pedro Botas Armero at Hult San Francisco:

“The Mindflick tool has become our teamwork compass, highlighting both our individual and collective strengths and areas for growth,” he said. “When combined with the recent MBA Hult business challenge simulation, we learned the need for adaptability in reshaping our roles to ensure our team’s puzzle pieces connect effectively.

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