Hult Graduates Career Spotlight: Celebrating 2023 Employment Achievements

Join this webinar where we shine a spotlight on the remarkable success stories of our Hult graduates. Hear the journeys that have led them to new heights in their careers as they share their insights, triumphs, and valuable lessons learned.

Gain motivation for the challenges ahead and see what's possible when determination meets opportunity. Our career advisor will also be there to answer all your questions.

Choose the option that's most convenient for you as we have two sessions, one with London/Dubai graduates and the other with San Francisco/Boston graduates.

Session 2: October 19, 2023, 6pm Boston (EDT)

1 hour

Boston timezone

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Hult Graduates - Boston and San Francisco campus

Be inspired by the accomplishments of our Hult graduates. Join them to ask questions, and find out how they achieved their ideal jobs after graduating Hult.

Tamiris Palacios

Hult San Francisco
Master of Business Analytics
Current Company: JLL
Job title: Reliability Engineer

"With the data knowledge I gained, I was able to improve the quality and speed of my work. The management subjects and lessons on how to lead and be a part of a team are things I remember and use every day.

Osaid Azeem

Hult San Francisco
Master of Business Analytics
Current Company: Autodesk Inc.
Job title: Business Data Analyst

"During my master's, I was actively involved with the Hult Data Club, where I led the marketing efforts. I also worked on campus as the Special Projects Coordinator, contributing to various campus projects and events, including the Hult Prize competition."

Felipe Paredes

Hult Boston
Current Company: Siemens Financial Services COF America
Job title: CEO Intern

"The Hult MBA empowered me to enhance my technical expertise, cultivate leadership abilities, and establish an extensive network. Hult helped me prepare to navigate new job territory and provided me with the tools to contribute valuable ideas to SFS's top management for implementing strategies to achieve our targets."

Carlos Sanchez

Hult Boston
Current Company: Santander Bank
Job title: Sr. Associate for Digital Products

"During the MBA I was a representative of a mentorship club, helping other master's students and undergrads to improve their skills. Also during the MBA, I started a project with some friends from Peru, that has evolved into my first startup. We plan to launch by the end of the year."

Hult Graduates - London and Dubai campus

Be inspired by the accomplishments of our Hult graduates. Join them to ask questions, and find out how they achieved their ideal jobs after graduating Hult.

Alisa Berzina

Hult London
Master of Finance
Current Company: Bloomberg
Job title: Analytics and Sales

"Hult helped me to gain a better understanding of the world of finance and how to apply knowledge in job interviews. Hult helped to make the “perfect” CV that employers expect to see. Prior to coming to Hult, I didn't know that there was a specific structure required."

Julien Bieri

Hult London
Master of Science in Finance
Current Company: Julius Baer Bank
Job title: CFO division

"Hult has played an important role in my job search, especially by providing me with invaluable support from its career services team and access to its extensive resources and network. My studies at Hult have allowed me to enter a highly competitive market where I am now able to kick off my career in strategic finance."

Christian Tassin

Hult Dubai with rotation in NYC and Boston
Master in International Business
Current Company: MAGNiTT
Job title: Chief of Staff

"At Hult, I learned how to navigate the job world, from preparing assignments over the weekend, as often happens in a work environment, to collaborating with a team of people from diverse backgrounds and identities. Hult provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a professional setting."

About the session

Everything you’ll do at Hult is geared toward finding the global career that’s right for you. That’s why we’re inviting you to the Hult Graduates Career Spotlight—Celebrating 2023 Employment Achievements. 

Join us for a riveting discussion as these accomplished Hult graduates reveal the secrets behind their employment success in 2023. Discover the pivotal moments, how they challenges turned into opportunities, and the strategic moves that propelled them to new heights. 

Through their stories, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to navigate the ever-evolving career landscape. Be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with a newfound determination to chart your own path. 

Education with a purpose

At Hult, we believe that education is about so much more than a degree. It’s about transformation. Students want skills that will transform their lives. Employers want graduates that will transform their businesses. Society wants businesses that will transform the world. Like all change, it starts with action.

By focusing on what our students can do in the real world, rather than just the theory they study in classrooms, we prioritize those skills and mindsets that are most needed to bring about change—in the careers of the individual, the businesses they work in, and the society we all live in. This belief in the power of learning by doing goes beyond a philosophy; it is the guiding force behind every program we provide, every course we create, every class we run. It’s what makes Hult the business school for those made to do.

Those made to do come to Hult from all over the world in order to:


For Those Made to Do

Do challenges

Creative problem-solving and collaboration are essential to personal and professional success. Our students continually practice what they’ll be doing in the workplace so they build a relevant skillset that enables them to take on any challenge they may face after graduation.

Do global

Immersed in a melting pot of 150 nationalities across a global campus network, Hult graduates don’t just thrive in an international environment, they know how to leverage it to get results. Our students build a global network by collaborating with classmates from around the world—potential partners, investors, and contacts are everywhere.

Do growth

Change never stops and neither should learning. Whether our graduates’ goals change, or their industry does, our lifelong learning options enable them to come back to Hult every year for the rest of their career in order to stay up to date and relevant—always.