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Limitless Learning and safety measures

In these times of rapid change and never-before-seen circumstances—our school’s community has been put to the test in so many ways. We’ve adapted our programs and processes to make sure that, no matter what, students can move forward with their education. From implementing our Limitless Learning technology to new protocols on campus—read on for a student perspective on our efforts.


"I was surprised by how easy it was to interact with my classmates and the faculty through a screen, Hult has been wonderful and making it so we can really connect through all the different platforms."

Melissa Iihoshi

The changes on campus are refreshing. I admire Hult’s efforts in trying to keep everything clean and sanitized. The rules for social distancing are strictly enforced and the fact that we are tested often to keep the community safe is reassuring.

Ailajoy Macarulay

This hybrid model is truly phenomenal. I’m currently in Morocco and yet, Hult's campus in Boston doesn’t seem so far due to the technological advancements that Hult has implemented in the classrooms. Most of my professors are teaching their courses from campus, so seeing them in their usual environment makes the class much more enjoyable, interactive, and authentic compared to a standard zoom call.

Ahmed El Harouchi

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“Despite the chaos and uncertainty in my industry, and all the industries my colleagues were dreaming of, we are so grateful for the strong community that Hult International Business School has fostered, and all the support they’ve given to allow us to graduate on time.

From quickly adapting to online classes to receiving career services digitally and , finally, celebrating our graduation toast online with classmates in all different parts of the world, I have to say I am so sad to be graduating around this time but also VERY excited, proud of everyone in my cohort, and confident that we ARE ready for whatever it is life has for us!”

Fabiola Nasser

on LinkedIn

“I was as worried and uncertain as anybody else about virtual learning. I’ve traditionally been a “classic” student: notebook and pen, attending courses and lectures with printed books…Until I had my first virtual course with my incredible professor. The learnings, knowledge, and experiences shared were outstanding. It's transformed me—I'm ready for the future, ready to embrace change, agile, with a resilient mindset.”

Karim Hechema

Hult EMBA Class of 2021

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“Given the #Coronavirus situation, I've decided to relocate from London to my home in Maine, USA to continue my #HULT studies online. This unexpected turn in my journey has made me grateful for my health, the flexible nature of my education, and time with family!”

Jacqueline Marie Kovalcin

on LinkedIn

“So 8 weeks ago, I got together with his incredible team in London to start our capstone project at HULT. Very soon afterwards everything changed and we found ourselves living on three different continents. Team meetings between NZ, Mexico and Europe weren't always easy but today, we won the Future Mindset Challenge with a business plan we developed. The Key, our app, uses artificial emotional intelligence and APIs to help people take care of their mental wellbeing. It's a topic so close to my heart and I couldn't be any prouder of my team!! These times are not what we thought they would be, but the right people will get you through it.”

Elena Bergmann

on Instagram

Hult at home: A true global community


"The professors really help in understanding the current business trends and always there to help you."

Valensia Oscar

Masters in International Business


In my network of HULT alumni, I have contacts in the most prestigious Companies. Off the top of my head, Mckinsey, BCG, E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, Goldman Sachs, Infosys, Google, Amazon, Nike, among others.

Paulo Andrade de Oliveira

Global One-Year MBA

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The international student body is impressive and completely unique, offering students an unparalleled diversity and invaluable cultural richness (more than 140 nationalities, seriously!). I could not think of a better school that provides me with such international mindset to access to a truly global career.,

Pablo Romero Yusta

Masters in International Business

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So far attending Hult has been the best decision I've made in my life. I love that we learn by doing and are constantly in contact with many companies both inside and outside of the classroom. The student body is so international and together we learn from each other and grow. We all share the same passions for travel and adventure and no one here is boring.

Zachary Benetatos

Bachelor of Business Administration

The culture at Hult is really diverse, business-like and friendly. You are able to meet people from all over the world who could possibly be your future business partners. I strongly believe Hult is the best school for anyone looking to study Business and become a professional.


Bachelor of Business Administration

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"The global rotation was a game-changer and eye-opener. The ability to live, work and study in at least three different global cities within one year of the postgraduate programme is something I reckon no other institution can provide."

Chester Sarveen

Masters in International Business

"Amazing, world-class faculty and a fantastic set of classmates collectively made my world a whole lot larger."

Thomas Merrell

Global One-Year MBA

"Hult is a challenging college. They push you to do your best, and always check in to see if you have any questions regarding your class or your future classes.

If you put your mind to it, you can do it!

I enjoy going to school here because of not only the practical courses but the quality of the faculty members.

The Career Development department is also super effective that helped me set a foundation to land jobs. All in all, what a valuable time and experience I have had.”

Khang Nguyen

Masters in International Marketing

“Classes at Hult are small, which has facilitated my learning experience. I was able to participate more and receive more help from professors.

Hult also gave me the opportunity to travel across the globe. During one summer, I studied courses in the Shanghai campus. In this way, I accelerated my education while exploring another country.

I have not only learned from experienced professionals, but I have also connected with a friendly international community.”

Fernanda Padilla

Bachelor of Business Administration


“Hult is a great place to be. Jobs are not guaranteed here, and they don’t give you a “job”. They give you tools you need and you need to work hard to achieve job offers.

It’s 1 year so, saves lot of time. Their Alumni network and career services team is incredible, you need to work and leverage it to get a job.

I had 3 years of experience in India and my purpose [was] to move to US and get a job here. I worked hard to connect with Alumni from 1st month and used all tools offered by Hult and now I have three job offers in hand.”

Ram Sasidhar

Masters in International Business

from Quora

“Where to start? Hult has probably been the most amazing year of my life.

Studying here has been a life changing experience: you get to learn a lot not only from professors, but also from your classmates and from your self. If you have an idea in your mind on which you want to work on, Hult gives you the basis to develop your creativity and to push your innovation.

If you want to develop your skills, learn and especially put in practice in the most international university worldwide, you should definitely consider Hult.”

Riccardo Neri

Masters in International Business

from Facebook

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