Hult House COVID-19 Response

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, we want to make sure your decision to stay at Hult House is made confidently. As such, we’ve taken measures in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation. These changes are grounded in two principles that we know are of the utmost importance to your right now: safety and flexibility.

Your safety is our priority

Our operations and residential life teams consult closely with health officials to determine the best course of action for our residents. A few changes we have made this year include:

  • Designated areas for students to quarantine and self-isolate in the event of any confirmed COVID-19 cases or suspected exposure.
  • Residents are requested to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines in common areas.
  • Multiple full-building cleanings (not including inside individual rooms) are being conducted per day, with an emphasis on high traffic areas such as elevator banks.

Please note, depending on the advice of government and health officials, access to certain common facilities may be restricted or adjusted (i.e. communal kitchens, dining rooms, gym facilities).

Cleaning Hult House

Flexibility to offer you peace of mind

We know there is a lot of uncertainty currently surrounding travel restrictions and visa delays. For that reason, we have made some adjustments to our reservation and refund policies to help offer you the flexibility you need at this time.

For all non-COVID-19 related cancellations and delays, the normal terms and conditions of your room reservation apply. Please reach out to and we will do our best to talk you through your options.

Housing deposit and room cancellations

Refundable housing deposit

The $1000 USD housing deposit paid at the time of reservation is refundable if you need to cancel because of COVID-19 related travel restrictions or visa delays.

Pro-rated housing fees

If your arrival to Hult House is delayed due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions or visa delays, we will prorate your housing fee to credit you for each full month that you are not living at Hult House.

For example, if you are unable to travel to Boston until November 3, your housing fee will be prorated to reflect a credit for September and October.

Frequently asked questions

I am unsure when I will arrive on campus. Do I need to book a room now?

If you have not yet made a reservation at Hult House but are considering it, we kindly ask that you wait to book your room until you are 100% confident you will be on campus for the school year. We have rooms available throughout the summer and into the school year (usually double dorm rooms and premium singles), so there is no need to rush a reservation.

I'm unable to get a visa appointment until mid-October and will arrive late to Boston. What should I do?

For students facing potential visa delays, we will prorate your Hult House fees for the period between your lease agreement beginning and your arrival on campus. The prorated fees will be credited back to your student account and your room will be held until you arrive.

A list of arrival dates for fall intake can be found here.

I most likely will not be able to arrive on campus until January 2021, can I still reserve a room?

We will be releasing new spring-only term lease agreements. If you believe that you will not be able to arrive on campus until then, you will be able to reserve your room for that length in mid-July.

If you already reserved a room and would like to switch your current booking, simply **email us at ** and we will be able to switch your reservation when spring terms open.

Please note that if you decide to change your booking term before August 1, it will be changed free of charge. Changes made after August 1 will incur a one-month housing fee for late cancellation.

I will be attending Hult virtually for the school year, but I have already reserved housing. Can I get a refund on any monies already paid to Hult House?

If you are unable to come to campus because of COVID-19 related travel bans and visa blockages, your housing deposit and any housing fees paid to Hult will be refunded to your student account.

If you decide to live off-campus or at home because of reasons **unrelated **to COVID-19 travel bans or visa blockages, we are unable to refund any housing fees or deposits paid to Hult. However, if you cancel before August 1, we can any stop any further charges being made to your student account.

If I decide to move out part way through the year, will my housing fee be prorated?

If you decide to move out of Hult House mid-semester, your housing fees will not be refunded or prorated. We intend to give students the option to continue to stay in Hult House during a COVID-19 resurgence just as we did this past year, always keeping their health and wellness as our top priority.

Student at Hult Boston

Have more questions?

For any further questions regarding Hult House, please reach out to (allow 24-48 hours for a response.) For questions on payment schedules and housing fees, please reach out to your enrollment advisor.