Coaching Men: An Emirati Woman’s Perspective

Join us for a live, interactive webinar with Rawabi Al-Nuaimi, as she shares her inspiring journey from cultural barriers to coaching pilots globally. Discover how her experiences shaped her coaching approach and learn valuable insights on cultural diversity in coaching. Register for free today!

April 25, 2024, Thursday, 12:30pm (BST)

1 hour

Online event (Zoom)

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How does your life shape your coaching?

As an Emirati woman who grew up in the 80s and 90s, Rawabi Al-Nuaimi lived a life where men and women outside of her immediate family did not mix. The first time she interacted with men outside of her family was during her first job, at age 21. Little did Rawabi know, that 20 years later, she would be coaching pilots—primarily men.

Through coaching, Rawabi came to understand how her culture and upbringing shaped the person she is, and how she shows up as a coach.

Rawabi says: ‘I faced uncomfortable moments that challenged me to the core. They made me discover more about the coach that I am—and the coach I want to be. I’m lucky to work with pilots from all corners of the world, and to find a way to use the beauty of my culture in service of my clients.’

Rawabi Al-Nuaimi

Rawabi Al-Nuaimi is an Ashridge-accredited coach with 14+ years of aviation industry experience, primarily coaching pilots. From national cadets’ assessments and external pilot selection to Command Upgrade assessments and leadership coaching for Command. Other than pilots, Rawabi coaches senior and middle managers and other professionals. Rawabi completed a Master’s degree in Executive Coaching with Ashridge Hult. Prior to her current role as a senior business psychologist, she worked in leadership development as a coaching and mentoring partner, as an HR business partner and a national recruitment specialist.