Curious about your classmates?

We have worked with 1,000's of students like you. Talk to us about what makes our community so special.

Your global classmates

Each year, Hult seeks to enroll a diverse incoming class from all over the world. On campus, you'll meet and collaborate with fellow students who have a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and interests. 

The Hult student

You recognize Hult students as soon as you meet them. They are passionate, curious, and determined. They are interesting and engaging. And they don't follow the crowd, because they are busy forging their own way.

Although our students come from all over the world, they share the same DNA:

  • An interest in the world
  • An open mind
  • A bold spirit
  • A creative intellect
  • A resourceful attitude

Global diversity

From Argentina to Zimbabwe, no one nationality makes up more than 7.5% of our undergraduate student body.


Nationalities forming the Hult undergraduate student body in 2017-2018.


Different languages spoken.


Female students


Top ten nationalities for 2017-2018

Germany            7.9%
Italy            7.5%
United States            6.6%

India            5.1%
Brazil            4.7%
France            4.7%

Russia            3.5%
China            3.4%
Colombia            2.7%

Mexico            2.7%  



The kind of diversity we have among our students somehow generates, over the course of their studies, a global student. That is how you might define a Hult student, whatever their background.

Alessandro Lanteri

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Alessandro Lanteri
Alessandro Lanteri

The student perspective

Hult is a global community where you learn much more than just business—you learn a lot about culture, and you learn a lot about yourself. For me, Hult is a place where you automatically become a global citizen.

Christian Karlsson

Class of 2015

To me, Hult is a family. It is a friendly and comfortable environment where people can be themselves and develop into the professional they want to be.

Undergraduate Alejandra Nathali Meza-Pena
Alejandra Nathali Meza Peña

Class of 2017

I remember that they told me that Hult would be international, but you never expect that it will be this much and this incredible.

Rose Alcolea

Class of 2016

Hult has enabled me to network with students in every corner of the world and given me the platform to think beyond education. Hult life perfectly molds you for success in this competitive world.

Akshay Subramaniam

Class of 2015

If you want an environment where you can have really broad thinking, Hult is really good for that. The multiculturalism here with all the people from different countries is one of the biggest things I really like about Hult.

Usman Sabitu Mohammed

 Class of 2017

Hult is really focused on real-world experience - the fact that you can do company visits and can have clients come into class and work with them on a one-to-one basis is really good.

Emily Seelochan

Trinidad and Tobago
Class of 2015