Meet Sharon


Sharon Skillings
Colombia / U.S.
Class of 2016
San Francisco campus

Major: Marketing

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Rotation campuses: London

Favorite course: My favorite course has been Trends and Innovation. I really enjoyed that course because we got to invent our own product and create apps for it, which was really fun. Digital Marketing was also a good course— we got to interview a real client and do advertising and investigations for them.

Internships: I collaborated with the World Bee Project, which was a six-week internship helping to raise awareness about the fact bees are dying out. The company had only just been founded, so I helped them to create a website and a marketing strategy.

Favorite Hult moment: When I first arrived in London for Welcome Week everyone got on a boat, and we sailed on the Thames. I had never been to London before, and the first time I got to see the sights it was from the river, meeting lots of new people at the same time. I really enjoyed that experience.

To me, Hult is... small in size, but it’s so big in terms of value. The people you meet, the experience you have here, and the fact that you are not just meeting people from around the world, but making friends from around the world, is amazing.


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