Meet Sarveen


Sarveen Chester
Class of 2017
London campus

Major: Entrepreneurship

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil, German, French

Why Hult: I wanted to be exposed to other cultures—how they are different and what makes them tick. I thought Hult would be a good opportunity because we can rotate to campuses around the world, and really, it’s like a mini United Nations.

The best thing about London: I’m an anglophile, so I love living in London. The art and museums, orchestras, and music make London the art capital of the world. And you’re so close to other countries in Europe too—just cross the Channel and you’re there.

Why Entrepreneurship: Before coming to Hult, I had started two of my own business ventures. The first is an online fashion journal, and the second is an online art collective. I love being on the move and meeting new people, as I like the exciting pressure of being an entrepreneur. I also wanted to study the use of businesses to alleviate social issues and explore the NGO space.

Extracurricular Activities: I am a Hult Global Ambassador and a delegate for Hult Model United Nations. Hult MUN has been incredibly successful at national and regional conferences this year, and we have just come back from the Harvard United Nations event. I am also steering the Hult Social Impact Club and the Hult Arts & Culture Club.

To me, Hult is... global. And possibly the best representation of different cultures and experiences coming together.


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