Meet AbdelRahman


AbdelRahman El Menshawy
Class of 2017
San Francisco campus

Rotation campuses: Dubai & London

Major: Marketing

Languages spoken: English, Arabic

Why Hult: I have always wanted to live in California and Hult was able to offer me the opportunity to move to the Bay Area. I also wanted to study in a school that was really international and it's safe to say Hult is one of the most international schools in the world. I was also attracted to the rotation program Hult offered, and the ability to study in four major cities.

What's it like to study at Hult? The majority of our courses are taught with a hands-on approach, its more practical than theoretical. We also have relatively small classes that allows to connect with our professors better. Our professors don't just treat us as students, they treat us as their successors and their mentorship is very valuable to us. 

How are you using your time to prepare for your future career? Since I'm a marketing major, I'm taking all the marketing courses offered at Hult. Currently I am a member of the HSA, I ran for HSA so I can have a leadership role so I can enhance my leadership skills that are important for my career. I also meet regularly with Career Services to help me with my Cover Letter and Resume so I can be a stronger candidate when applying to jobs after Hult.

To me, Hult is... the best years of my life. I never thought I would enjoy my life as much as I did in my time here at Hult.


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