Meet Leila


Leila Iranmanesh
Class of 2017
San Francisco campus

Rotation campuses: London

Major: Marketing & Management

Languages spoken: French, English, German, Farsi

Why Hult: I chose Hult because of its international aspect. Multicultural individuals and diversity is key for business nowadays and that was the decision factor in my case.

Why San Francisco: We are living in a city of innovation and technology and we have the opportunity to be part of this change that happens right before our eyes.

Favorite course: My favorite course at Hult was Business Communications because it was a very crucial class that focused on delivering efficient and successful business presentation. This was a class I took in my first year but it really made a difference and to this day I still use what I learnt on a daily basis.

Memorable Hult moment: I think the most memorable experience I have had was during my first year. With some friends we decided to rent a cabin in Lake Tahoe over a long weekend and it was an exciting adventure because for the first time we all got to be together outside of Hult on a trip and some very interesting friendships were started at that point.

To me, Hult is... Unique.


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