Meet Jonathan


Jonathan Hu
American / Taiwanese
Class of 2018
London campus

Rotation campuses: Shanghai

Major: Management & Finance

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Why Hult: One of the things that attracted me to Hult was its innovative way of teaching things practically rather than theoretically. I believe that business is something you learn by doing rather than just studying it from a textbook, and Hult solved this by placing an emphasis on group projects rather than individual reports and assignments.

The Hult difference: Studying business at Hult is different than other schools because we are constantly being challenged through the Hult Prize, Hult Business Challenge, etc. These are real-life problems that students have the opportunity to participate in, whether it's creating a social impact on the world or helping a company solve one of their problems. We've been given opportunities to work with companies such as Transport for London, Ferrari, Virgin Money, Amazon, Unilever, and more

Memorable Hult moment: My most memorable experience at Hult was the Global Village, hosted by the Hult Model United Nations Club. We had around 25 countries represented by students who were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to cook meals and bring in drinks from their native cultures. Over 200 students ended up attending and everyone had a blast, going from table to table and learning more about each country's culture.

Favorite course: One of my favorite courses that I've had at Hult was during one of my summer rotations to the Shanghai Campus. In Shanghai, by looking at and understanding China's history, we learned how we should conduct business in China and how we should behave and act when dealing with Chinese business partners in terms of signs of respect, Chinese etiquette, and even the negotiation of a contract.

To me, Hult is... young, innovative, and engaging.


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