Meet Jeremy


Jeremy Baron
Class of 2018
San Francisco

Major: Finance & Accounting

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, Hebrew

Why Hult: I wanted to study finance in California, so when I saw Hult at a university fair and was told about the diversity in a smaller business school I was really interested.

Why San Francisco: What I love about San Francisco, especially about this campus, is that we have a lot of networking events and speakers that come here. It gives us more power to job hunt on campus. Last year we even had the Head of Connectivity at Facebook speak.

Favorite course: Business Events and Business Innovation, which is a tech class. That class is good because we have a speaker come in for every class. One was from Google, and another was interested to have me as one of their interns.

Extracurricular activities: I am working at the Lodge as a Resident Advisor, so I help to promote the community at the Lodge to bring people together. I am also one of the student social media contributors, showing what life at Hult is like on Snapchat.

Favorite Hult moment: I was involved in the Hult Prize and was chosen as one of eight students to go to New York. There were about 30 teams from different universities competing to solve one global issue which was really nice. 

To me, Hult is... diverse and business orientated. Here everyone has the chance to improve and make the best of their studies.


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