Meet Jacqueline


Jacqueline Olive Angele Tchouen
Class of 2018
San Francisco campus

Major: Entrepreneurship

Languages spoken: English, French, Bassa

Why Hult? I chose Hult because I was seduced by the idea of studying business in an international environment. There is no better place to be a "citizen of the world," like Socrates defined himself, than Hult International Business School. Far beyond learning business, I was amazed by the many opportunities that Hult offers in terms of being able to rotate to three different continents to study the same program. This, to me, has enormous value.

Why San Francisco? The best thing about being a student in San Francisco is that the city is beautiful and is a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities interacting together. It is also the Heart of Silicon Valley which is the "heaven of startups.” People around San Francisco are very open and willing to help out students in their quest to understanding the business world in San Francisco.

Campus atmosphere: Hult gives you different perspectives because of students coming from almost every part of the globe. Classes are very practical and there is a very high level of student-professor interaction because classes are small so you get to have a conversation with every professor. Campus is a representation of the idea of a perfect world, in which different people with different cultures peacefully unite and interact.

Career preparation: My time at Hult is teaching me how to be able to identify business opportunities, seize them, and make the best out of them, which is very crucial for me starting a career in entrepreneurship. It’s also teaching me the importance and value of networking and being able to step out of your comfort zone to be able to navigate through a world of tremendous opportunities.

To me, Hult is... the future of the business world. We are living in a world which is increasingly global, and Hult is that bridge that unites education with globalization.


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