Meet Giovanni


Giovanni Martinez
Class of 2020
San Francisco campus

Major: Finance

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Why Hult: I felt it was the school that could contribute most to my personal goals. I need a global, entrepreneurial, and innovative mindset for the business ideas I have.

Why San Francisco? San Francisco is the technological capital of the world, a place where people don’t settle for ordinary things. No matter how unusual or futuristic my business ideas may be, there will always be someone ready to support me.

The Hult difference: Here you take classes with professors that have, or had, their own businesses, so they can transmit to us the reality of the business world, instead of us simply reading it in a book. There are many students as well that have created companies; this motivates us even more to create our own. Everyone is always collaborating with each other, which makes this an amazing environment for personal growth.

Most memorable experience: Going to a Golden State basketball game with seniors. It was out of my comfort zone but I loved every second of it!

To me, Hult is... the Bay Bridge to an innovative and changeable business world.


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