Meet Gazi


Gazi Korkmaz
Class of 2016
London campus

Major: Finance

Languages spoken: Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Turkish

Job: Founder, TEC Avenue 

About your startup: My company, TEC Avenue, is developing the (currently) first completely wireless charger that will allow people to charge their phones without any sockets. We are currently selling the product throughout Europe.

Why London: London is a great startup city and is one of the hottest and strongest places in Europe to launch a tech company. Studying in London has helped connect me with the right people and Hult has provided me with many unique opportunities. I met with an executive from Amazon at a speaker event and he recommended using Amazon Launchpad. Our product is now live on Amazon Launchpad in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.

Support at Hult: Having ideas is one thing, having the right support is a whole other thing. Professor Daniel Rukare has been a great support and has given me amazing advice. He helped me to join the Hult Founder’s Lab, which led to me having the founder of Shazam as my mentor.

Advice for future Hultians: My advice to future Hult students is to show courage and just do it. Nothing should hold you back. You never want to look back at your time at Hult and wonder what could have happened. Failures and mistakes will happen, but that’s where you get the best experience.


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