Meet Beatriz


Beatriz Emilia Iniguez Ladines
Class of 2017
San Francisco campus

Major: Finance

Languages spoken: English, Spanish 

Why Hult: I decided to attend Hult because I like how we can learn about real business, and then apply it to real case scenarios. It is the most international business school and the ratio of professors per student was impressive. 

Hult atmosphere: Everyone knows each other. If you need anything there will be always someone to contribute. Everybody is friendly and honest. Here, every student is known by their classmates. We all have the opportunity to deliver presentations, to participate in discussions, and share our opinions. 

Career support: I was able to secure an internship at the San Francisco Center for Economic Development, which I found through Hult’s MyCareer portal. I’m realizing how our courses at Hult prepare us for our careers. The Career Development team organize events every week where we can practice introducing ourselves to professionals and build a network.

Most memorable moment: I was elected as the 4th Year Hult Student Association Representative (HSA). The role is to help create a sense of community, listen to my peers and find solutions for the community. It is an experience that I love, and makes me realize how important is to work in collaboration with others. 

To me, Hult is... the driver to my career and my connector to the global industry.


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