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Hult clubs & societies

Enrich your academic experience and connect with students who share your interests through dozens of clubs and societies at Hult. 

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There are a growing number of student clubs launched every year at Hult, from career-oriented organizations to charity groups and more.

True to our entrepreneurial spirit, it’s the students who lead all clubs and societies at Hult. Each club has a faculty or staff advisor for support and encouragement, but the daily running of the clubs is in the hands of students. 

If we don't currently have a club on campus that represents your interests, Student Services can help you to start your own.

Hult Undergraduate Clubs & Societies
Hult Undergraduate Clubs & Societies

Active student clubs

Here are just a few of the student-run clubs and societies you can get involved with on campus:

The Hult Finance Club

Throughout the year, the Finance Club aims to provide relevant educational, networking, and development opportunities for all students with an interest in finance and business.


Hult RISE aims to inspire and support education in deprived areas around the world. RISE offers volunteer opportunities for students, along with fundraising activities on and off campus to help support other charity initiatives.

Hult Toastmasters

The Toastmasters Club comes together to practice public speaking and leadership skills in a fun, supportive environment. Pick up valuable tips to improve your delivery for everything from classroom presentations to speeches.

Language Café

Learn another language from your classmates in the friendly atmosphere of the Hult Language Café. English, French, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, and German classes are available for all levels. 

Model United Nations (MUN)

The Hult MUN Club encourages students with an open mind and a global perspective to gather together and develop their negotiation, public speaking, and debating skills at MUN events all over the world.

Music & Jamming Club

Musicians, music lovers, and video makers are all invited to meet, jam, and share each week. Embrace the opportunity for fun and creativity as you create and discover great music.

Hult Stallions Rugby Club

The Hult Stallions are one of many sports clubs at Hult. The club offers the opportunity for those interested in Rugby to improve their skills and play competitively. This year the Hult Stallions hope to become an official Rugby team of London.


UNICEF at Hult is a part of the global UNICEF Campus Initiative Program that believes that college students hold a vital role in social development and the wellbeing of the world's children.

Other popular student clubs & societies:

  • Art & Culture Club 
  • Business of Fashion
  • Chess Club
  • Deep Space London (Marketing & Advertising)
  • Finance Society
  • Hult Amazons Rugby Girls Club
  • Hult Entrepreneurship Club
  • International Law Society
  • Management Consulting Club
  • Net Impact
  • Photography Club
  • Skiing & Snowboard Club

Note: Some Hult clubs and societies vary from campus to campus. If you’re interested in initiating a particular club at your home campus, Student Services can help to support the founding of new student clubs - or new chapters of existing clubs.