Campus Staff at Hult

At Hult, we know your name and we’re here for you. From securing your student visa to starting a club, choosing your Major, or preparing your résumé, the team at Hult is ready to help.

The Academic Team: Deanery & Registry

You’ll enjoy an open, friendly relationship with your academic advisors, professors, and the Deans at Hult. 

The Academic Team is dedicated to your success inside and outside of the classroom. Drop by anytime for a chat, or take part in regular lunches with the Dean to ask questions, share ideas, and get involved with the Hult community.

Undergraduate Hult London Dean Ronan Gruenbaum
Undergraduate Hult London Dean Ronan Gruenbaum

Hult students often explain how it’s the personal, practical connection they have with their professors that makes the difference. They have unique opportunities to listen to executive speakers and work with live clients, but it is one-to-one feedback, guidance, and mentoring from professors that makes their experience.

Ronan Gruenbaum

Dean of the Undergraduate Program, London

Hult’s undergraduate faculty members are united by a passion for student success. Success, for these inspirational teachers, means producing ethically responsible business practitioners with the zeal to improve the world, and the practical skills to become the international leaders needed to do this.

Dr. Sam Lee

Dean of the Undergraduate Program, San Francisco


Student Services

Student Services at Hult is responsible for helping you to make the most of your life outside of the classroom. 

From giving advice on health and well-being, to providing the support you need to launch your own club, the team at Student Services is on hand. They also work with students to organize all of the fun annual events and activities on campus.

Resident Experience Team

Wherever you’re from, we want you to feel at home in Hult’s student accommodation.

The Resident Experience Team is here to get you settled in your new city. They’ll help you to find the right accommodation at Hult, and ensure that you’re comfortable and safe throughout your stay.

If you’ll be living in a double room, they’ll also match you with a roommate to share the Hult experience with.

Career Development

Prepare for an exciting global career with the dedicated team at Hult. 

You’ll always find the door to Career Development open - whether you’re looking for an internship, need help polishing your resume, or are just seeking advice.

The team also arranges career fairs, workshops, and networking opportunities throughout the year to help you on the path to a successful future. 

Visas & Compliance Team

Our team has decades of experience helping international students to study abroad.

Hult’s Visas & Compliance Team will work with you to secure the correct visa to study at any of our global locations. If you have any questions about your travels between campuses, or the visa process in general during and after your time at Hult, they are ready to guide you.

Technology Team

Questions about tech or need assistance accessing the Hult network? 

Our Technology Team is here to get you up and running and keep you connected with your Hult email, online platforms, and wi-fi throughout campus.

Thinking about available support?

Our faculty and campus staff have open doors and are always on hand to help. Have questions today? Then our Enrollment Advisors are equally as happy to help!