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Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship

One of our most competitive awards, the Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship recognizes ten incoming students per campus who have demonstrated true entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding initiative in a business or project. Entrepreneurial Impact Scholars are characterized by their passion, perseverance, innovation, and resourcefulness.

Scholarship amount

For the 2019-2020 intake, recipients of this scholarship receive $10,000 USD each academic year. For a 4-year program this scholarship would be worth $40,000 USD; for a 3-year program this scholarship would be worth $30,000 USD. Recipients of this scholarship will also be invited to participate in the Hult Founders Lab, the school’s startup launch pad, and receive mentorship from a Professor of Entrepreneurship. Up to 10 candidates per campus may receive this award.  

How to apply

To be considered for the Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship, you must submit a 400-500 word essay or short 2-5 minute video. Your submission should consider the following questions:

  • What is the most successful entrepreneurial project or idea that you have made a reality?
  • What are your goals as an entrepreneur and how will studying at Hult help you to achieve those goals?

In addition to evaluation by the Admissions Committee, the submissions for this scholarship will be assessed by faculty members specializing in Entrepreneurship.

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted by February 15th, 2019. Candidates who have been awarded the scholarship will be notified by March 1st, 2019. Apply here.

Receiving your scholarship

If you are awarded this scholarship and wish to receive it, you must confirm your place no later than May 1st, 2019, otherwise your allocated funds may be released to other students. This scholarship will be renewed each year provided you are a full-time student, are not placed on academic probation, and have no honor code violations.


This scholarship is for students applying for fall entry in September 2019. Most students will only receive one merit-based scholarship. Scholarships are renewed each year unless otherwise noted, but can be lost based on poor academic performance, academic probation or violations of the honor code. Scholarships are awarded as deductions from the student’s payment obligations, and are only applied against the tuition fee. Scholarships are not awarded as cash.