Hult’s global campuses

The cornerstone of the Hult experience is the opportunity to explore new business cultures, master new skills, and accelerate your studies by rotating to Hult campuses around the world with the Global Campus Rotation program. Where you study, and when, is completely up to you. 

Start anywhere, rotate anywhere

At Hult you’ll design the undergraduate experience that works best for you. Choose whichever campus you prefer— London, Boston, and, San Francisco—and change your campus location any academic year you like. The rigor, quality and consistency of the curriculum will remain the same no matter where you choose to study, ensuring an entirely seamless transition.

Want to experience even more destinations? Explore new business cultures as you earn further credit towards your degree by doing optional Summer Programs at Hult campuses around the world. 

People walking in Shanghai
People walking in Shanghai


London has been the commercial capital of Europe for hundreds of years and still remains at the cutting edge of the world’s creative industries. A global financial force, London is home to more multinational companies than any other European capital.


All our campuses are in prime locations


The Greater Boston Area is not only a powerful force in innovation and education—it’s also a prestigious center of thought leadership. Organizations like The World Wide Web Consortium and companies like Facebook were born here—nurtured by the city’s stimulating and pioneering academic culture.

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San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the biggest breakthrough companies of this century and attracts the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs. The brands born here—including Apple, Google, and Twitter—have changed the face of modern culture. 

Live and learn in the world's most influential markets 

Summer Programs abroad

Experience new business cultures, master new skills and, accelerate your studies with Summer Programs and Leadership Development courses led by Hult faculty at our postgraduate campuses around the world.


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There is something for everyone—if you want to live with a lot of different people, London is the place to go. Not to mention that if you want a career in finance this is the hottest city in the world right now.

Anderson Martono

Class of 2019

San Francisco is walkable, events are always happening, and networking opportunities are easy to find. This is the city where all the tech and entrepreneurship action happens.

Bernardo Calderon

Class of 2016

Students should try summer rotation abroad because it’s a fantastic option to take fascinating courses with professors of extensive backgrounds while exploring a culture unlike your own. You will learn so much within the lecture hall and even more outside of it.

Charis Yeap

Class of 2017