Major in Marketing

Marketing majors are curious, analytical, and creative. When you focus on marketing, you’ll learn to understand consumer behavior, how to connect with market needs, and how to shape brand perceptions. It’s an inspiring curriculum that embraces the latest thinking about the customer–brand relationship.

Build brands that matter  
Marketing leaders know that customers are the path to growth and profit. With a major in Marketing, you’ll come to understand how to pinpoint and analyze why consumers behave the way they do—and how to convince those consumers that your organization can meet their needs better than anyone else. Hult is committed to a marketing curriculum that embraces the latest thinking on the customer-brand relationship. 
Harness the future
Technology has changed the face of marketing forever—destroying old boundaries between professional marketers and consumers. Customers now expect to be co-creators of the brands they engage with, and bold creativity is required to harness the potential of this powerful dynamic. This disruptive change will continue at a rapid pace, and Hult is committed to a marketing curriculum that embraces the latest thinking on the customerbrand relationship.
Gain a concrete understanding of:
  • The latest in cutting-edge marketing trends as they are being invented
  • The strengths of different marketing tools and when best to apply them
  • How to apply branding concepts to big-picture corporate strategy
  • How to develop and present persuasive marketing plans
A sample of courses offered for a major in Marketing:
Marketing Planning & Strategy    Advertising  
Branding Entrepreneurial Marketing
Market Research &
Consumer Behavior
Managing Customer Experiences
Luxury Marketing Digital & Social Media Marketing

Note: Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change.

With a major in Marketing you could become a:
Product Manager  Advertising Account Executive
Media Buyer PR Manager
Social Media Manager

In the classroom, I am more like a facilitator. I generate a positive atmosphere so students are comfortable, and aren’t afraid of asking questions or making mistakes. I set the tone early on by inviting students to discuss what they think, and many will quickly put their hands up because they already feel confident about contributing. I believe students learn best by asking questions, not being afraid to make mistakes, and developing a critical mind-set as they learn.

Mo Willan

The Gambia,
Senior Associate Dean, Global Discipline Lead for Marketing
London Professor of the Year, Hult Awards 2015

Our major in Marketing is officially recognized and validated by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).     CIM-logo_bw