Major in Management

Management majors are people who think big and want to become tomorrow’s business leaders. Majoring in Management will equip you with the people skills, persuasion techniques, and knowledge of effective management practices necessary for success in leadership roles within any industry.

Become a bold leader
There is a worldwide demand for business leaders who can think big. With a major in Management, you will learn to see an enterprise as a whole and understand the relationships between its many working parts. Additionally, you’ll develop your managerial leadership skills and learn to use people skills and persuasion to create a successful team from different perspectives, cultures, and countries.
Manage processes and people
Building on Hult’s heritage of educating managers and consultants, a major in Management calls upon you to consider timeless questions, and to address them in their contemporary context. This major develops your functional knowledge of good management tools and how to most effectively deploy them, as well as the behavioral concepts of effective people management.
Gain a concrete understanding of:
  • Management tools used to run the major functions of a company successfully
  • The importance of effective project management in any professional setting
  • The techniques that can be deployed to manage businesses of different sizes through periods of growth, contraction, or restructuring
  • The presentation and advocacy skills essential to succeed as a manager and leader
A sample of courses offered for a major in Management:
Operations Management Leadership
Managing Human Resources Events Management
Change Management Fashion Management
Project Management Management Information Systems

Note: Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change.

With a major in Management, you could become a:
Management Consultant Business Development Manager
Procurement Consultant Operations Manager
HR Manager Events Manager
Project Manager

The main benefit of studying Management is that you learn key practices that will help you choose your future career path. Courses like Change Management are so useful, because change is the only constant in business—essential to understand, whatever your discipline. For a student who has yet to decide what they ultimately want to do, Management can help them to determine their specialty.

Georgio Georgiades

Global Discipline Lead for Management