Major in Accounting

Making and analyzing the most important decisions related to budgeting and compliance, a strong accountant is a vital member of any organization. A major in Accounting empowers you to work at the forefront of financial management by developing keen analytical thinking skills and exceptional numerical literacy.

Go beyond numbers
Any successful business must keep its eye on the bottom line. However, accounting skills add up to much more than number crunching. A truly multidisciplinary field, a major in Accounting will help you develop an in-depth understanding of corporate law, statistics, economics, and information technology, providing an excellent platform for a professional accounting qualification.
Speak the language of business
Mastery of accounting and financial management is a vital skill for any healthy business to have. From forecasting and planning to reporting and ensuring legal compliance, you will learn to make and analyze decisions that are fundamental to business success. Studying accounting as an undergraduate will also give you invaluable transferable skills that will be an asset to you throughout your career.
Gain a concrete understanding of:
  • Theoretical and practical approaches to accounting and financial management in a global context
  • How to make and analyze strategic costing and budgeting decisions
  • Tax compliance, auditing, corporate governance, regulatory requirements, and business law
  • The principles of managerial accounting, financial reporting, and credit management
A sample of courses offered for a major in Accounting:
Financial Reporting       Taxation   
Advanced Financial Reporting Corporate & Business Law  
Performance Management Corporate Governance
Financial Audit & Assurance Financial Statement Analysis

Note: Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change.

With a major in Accounting you could become a:
Management Accountant     External Auditor   
Treasurer Business Advisor
Forensic Accountant

Accounting students must think critically and measure the impact of financial decisions on corporate success. A major in Accounting at Hult prepares you to engage with topics fundamental to every type of business – from small startups to multinational companies.

Alexandra Trzoska

Class of 2016, Major in Finance

Successful completion of our major in Accounting counts towards an ACCA qualification, giving you a head start towards an internationally recognized professional accounting certification.