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Majors: Your area of specialization

A major, sometimes known as a concentration, is the particular area of business that you choose to specialize in during your undergraduate studies at Hult.

Our Majors

The courses you’ll complete as part of your major will deepen your business knowledge and provide a foundation of skills and experience for your future career. Your choice of business major largely dictates your course options during the final years of your Bachelor of Business Administration degree and often aligns closely with your career aspirations. 


As a successful business school graduate, sooner or later you’ll manage both people and budgets. If you are a good manager, your business—and your career—will prosper. A major in Management will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to take on a leadership role within any industry. 

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Marketing leaders are vital to brands, serving as the voice that connects them directly with consumers. With a major in Marketing, you will gain the skills needed to do anything from launching the latest technology product to running public relations for a political campaign.

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Business leaders need entrepreneurial skills today more than ever, to boldly lead in an increasingly demanding global business environment. A major in Entrepreneurship encourages the innovative and adaptive thinking needed to make the dreams of launching your own product or business a reality.

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All healthy companies and many individuals depend on the expertise of strong financial managers to guide them in making wise investments and protecting future profit. A major in Finance will help you to understand the powerful role that risk, return, and value play in the success of global businesses.

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Making and analyzing the most important decisions related to budgeting and compliance, a strong accountant is a vital member of any organization. A major in Accounting empowers you to work at the leading edge of successful financial management, by developing keen analytical thinking skills and exceptional numerical literacy.

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Not sure which Major to choose? 

That's OK - you don't have to choose a major right away. You'll have time to discover your strengths and interests through Core courses, clubs, visiting speakers, and project opportunities. Your professors, the Deans, and the Career Development department are also on hand to help you decide on the major that is best aligned with your goals.