Real-world business experience

As a Hult student you’ll experience first-hand how real business decisions are made. Experiential learning is the cornerstone of the Hult curriculum and as a Hult undergraduate you’ll have direct exposure to the excitement that comes with being in the boardroom.

A curriculum for employability

Recent research conducted by Hult revealed that employers feel most university graduates enter the workforce without the critical leadership skills needed to succeed in business. We’ve specifically built our undergraduate curriculum with this insight in mind. Throughout your time at Hult you will gain hands-on business experience with a focus on communication cross-cultural competency and teamwork.


When I was a student it was all theory, theory, theory. But when you get out there in your first job theory isn’t helpful. Having the practical experience makes a huge difference. When you’re a student at 18 or 19 and working with a real company that is pretty incredible.

Marika Dimitriadou

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Hult Business Challenge

The Hult Business Challenge is a Capstone Project in which you will be asked to work in teams led by a faculty mentor to tackle a critical social or business problem. Your team will then pitch a solution developed over months of collaboration to real business leaders. Building your presentation communication and critical thinking skills the Hult Business Challenge prepares you for pitching in a real-world business environment.

Amazon Launchpad is a great way for startup companies to have their unique new products reach a global audience. The aim of the program is not only to help them be discovered and grow their sales, but also to give them the support and exposure they need to develop into a successful company. We are excited to be working with the entrepreneurial students from Hult on the 2017 Hult Business Challenge. Partnering with Hult will enable us to leverage the perspective and skills of their globally-minded undergraduate students to help us continue to improve the support we provide startups on Amazon Launchpad.

Jason Feldman

Director of Global Innovation, Amazon 

Capstone challenges Example strategic challenges
Hult Business Challenge,
Corporate Track

Solve a strategic challenge set by the top management of a major company for one of their markets products or services.
Create new e-commerce business models in emerging markets that simultaneously create more jobs for young people.
Recommend strategies to create long-term, sustaining and mutually beneficial relationships with millennials.
Hult Business Challenge,
Entrepreneurship Track

Devise a business plan for an innovative new product or service.
Example business
Team Expeero is developing the first online extreme sports travel agency
allowing people to explore the most incredible places in the world in a totally new way.
Leena Nair of Unilever addresses Hult undergraduates.
Leena Nair of Unilever addresses Hult undergraduates.

Unilever was delighted to be able to work with Hult students and faculty on the Hult Business Challenge in 2015. Hult has a fantastic reputation as the world’s most international business school, and the cultural and practical experiences that these students bring to their projects brought a wealth of diversity and innovation to this challenge.

Leena Nair

Senior Vice President, Leadership, Organization, and Development, Global Head of Diversity, Unilever

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High-value internships

Experience equals employability in competitive job markets and internships give you the experience needed to stand out. You’ll work closely with our Career Development department to choose an internship aligned with your career aspirations. Along with the opportunity to add real value to an established business or start-up you’ll also have the option to complete an in-depth research project if you do an internship as a Capstone Project.