English language development program

We all speak the same language

Hult students come from all over the world and collectively speak over 100 different languages. It’s an incredibly diverse cultural and linguistic environment. The language they all have in common – and still the language of global business – is English. All lessons at Hult are delivered in English, and all assignments and examinations are completed in English.

To ensure all our students are equipped with the level of English they need to communicate with their classmates and professors, and excel in their studies, Hult runs an English Language Development program for students who need extra support with their English in their first semester.


Giving you the support you need

When students arrive on campus for Orientation, they all take an English Language Assessment. Students are then given a place on the English Language Development program based on the results of this assessment. Students on the program take 4 regular degree courses during their first semester, which is complemented by extra English tutorials and specialist support.

With this specially designed program as well as immersion in English-speaking countries, students soon have the confidence and ability to move out of the program by the end of their first semester at Hult.


Criteria for a place on the program

Students are given a place in this program based on their performance in an English placement assessment at Orientation. As a guideline, students with an English score of at or near 80 TOEFL or 6.0 IELTS may be required to attend this program to help them to be successful in their first semester.

Students on this program have the same fees for their first semester as all other students. They are awarded 12 credits instead of 15 credits, due to the extra focus that students will also have on English language development. The 3 credits can be made up later during your degree.