Majors: Your area of specialization

A major, sometimes known as a concentration, is the particular area of business that you choose to specialize in during your undergraduate studies at Hult.

Majors at Hult

The courses you’ll complete as part of your major will deepen your business knowledge and provide a foundation of skills and experience for your future career.

Your choice of business major largely dictates your course options during the final years of your Bachelor of Business Administration degree and often aligns closely with your career aspirations. 

Not sure which Major to choose?

That’s OK - you don’t have to choose a major right away. You’ll have time to discover your strengths and interests through Core courses, clubs, visiting speakers, and project opportunities. Your professors, the Deans, and the Career Development department are also on hand to help you decide on the major that is best aligned with your goals.

Our Bachelor program offers a choice of five practical Majors:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting
  • Finance
Studying at Hult immediately expands your global network.
Studying at Hult immediately expands your global network.

Major in Management

As a successful business school graduate, sooner or later you’ll manage both people and budgets. If you are a good manager, your business—and your career—will prosper. A major in Management will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to take on a leadership role within any industry.

Become a bold leader

The world demands business leaders who can think big. With a major in Management, you will learn to see an enterprise as a whole and understand the relationships between its many working parts. Drawing on Hult’s heritage of educating managers and consultants, you’ll also develop your managerial leadership skills and learn to use people skills and persuasion to create a successful team from different perspectives, cultures, and countries. 
 As part of Hult’s Leadership Development training, you will learn to think creatively and present your ideas with passion and confidence.
As part of Hult’s Leadership Development training, you will learn to think creatively and present your ideas with passion and confidence.

Courses offered for a Major in Management include:

  • Operations Management
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Events Management
  • Fashion Management
  • Management Information Systems

The main benefit of studying Management is that you learn key practices that will help you choose your future career path. Courses like Change Management are so useful, because change is the only constant in business—essential to understand, whatever your discipline. For a student who has yet to decide what they ultimately want to do, Management can help them to determine their specialty.

Georgio Georgiades

Assistant Professor of Management

Major in Marketing

Marketing leaders are vital to brands, serving as the voice that connects them directly with consumers. With a major in Marketing, you will gain the skills needed to do anything from launching the latest technology product to running public relations for a political campaign.

Build brands that matter

Marketing leaders know that customers are the path to growth and profit. With a major in Marketing, you’ll come to understand how to pinpoint and analyze why consumers behave the way they do—and how to convince those consumers that your organization can meet their needs better than anyone else. Hult is committed to a marketing curriculum that embraces the latest thinking on the customer-brand relationship. 

Courses offered for a Major in Marketing include:

  • Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • Branding
  • Market Research & Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Advertising
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing

In the classroom, I am more like a facilitator. I generate a positive atmosphere so students are comfortable, and aren’t afraid of asking questions or making mistakes. I set the tone early on by inviting students to discuss what they think, and many will quickly put their hands up because they already feel confident about contributing. I believe students learn best by asking questions, not being afraid to make mistakes, and developing a critical mind-set as they learn.

Mo Willan

The Gambia,
Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Marketing & Professor of the Year, Hult Awards 2015

Our Major in Marketing is officially recognized and validated by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Major in Entrepreneurship

Business leaders need entrepreneurial skills today more than ever, to boldly lead in an increasingly demanding global business environment. A major in Entrepreneurship encourages the innovative and adaptive thinking needed to make the dreams of launching your own product or business a reality.

Develop an entrepreneurial spirit

A major in Entrepreneurship will do more than help you identify, evaluate, and implement your ideas successfully. It will help you tap into the entrepreneurial spirit inside yourself. Whether you intend to start your own business, help an existing one grow, work within a family firm, or solve a global social problem, the skills you’ll learn at Hult will help you succeed. Learn how to approach the marketplace with confidence as you chart your own path for the future.

Courses offered for a Major in Entrepreneurship include:

  • Disruptive Innovations
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Managing a Growing Business
  • Innovative Technology & App Development
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Building Social Enterprises
  • Product Development

One of my favorite courses has been Doing Business in India, as we got to develop projects and ideas for companies to use in developing countries. That gave me a deep understanding of what it is like to face the obstacles in those places—especially useful as I want to start my own international company.

Alvaro Peon

Class of 2016, Major in Entrepreneurship

Major in Accounting

Making and analyzing the most important decisions related to budgeting and compliance, a strong accountant is a vital member of any organization. A major in Accounting empowers you to work at the leading edge of successful financial management, by developing keen analytical thinking skills and exceptional numerical literacy.

Speak the language of business

Mastery of accounting and financial management is a vital skill for any healthy business to have. From forecasting and planning to reporting and ensuring legal compliance, you will learn to make and analyze decisions that are fundamental to business success. Studying accounting as an undergraduate will also give you invaluable transferable skills that will be an asset to you throughout your career.

Courses offered for a Major in Accounting include:

  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Performance Management
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Taxation
  • Corporate & Business Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Accounting students must think critically and measure the impact of financial decisions on corporate success. A Major in Accounting at Hult prepares you to engage with topics fundamental to every type of business - from small startups to multinational companies.

Alexandra Trzoska

Class of 2016, Major in Finance

Successful completion of our Major in Accounting counts towards an ACCA qualification, giving you a head start towards an internationally recognized professional accounting certification.

Major in Finance

All healthy companies and many individuals depend on the expertise of strong financial managers to guide them in making wise investments and protecting future profit. A major in Finance will help you to understand the powerful role that risk, return, and value play in the success of global businesses.

Invest in the future

Finance is one of the most rapidly changing areas of international business. Leading thinkers and practitioners are questioning old assumptions and coming up with new solutions in the wake of recent global financial crises. A major in Finance will give you a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of global finance and will position you to build a successful career in capital markets, banking, or as a financial advisor or analyst.
San Francisco undergraduate students with their professor
San Francisco undergraduate students with their professor

Courses offered for a Major in Finance include:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets & Institutions
  • Asset Valuation
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Alternative Investments
  • Risk Management

I wanted to study finance in California, so when I saw Hult at a university fair and was told about the diversity in a smaller business school I was really interested. To me, Hult is diverse and business orientated. Here everyone has the chance to grow and make the best of their studies.

Jeremy Baron

Undergraduate Class of 2016, Majors in Finance and Accounting

Successful completion of our Major in Finance counts towards an ACCA qualification, giving you a head start towards an internationally recognized professional accounting certification.

Note: Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change.