Wherever you choose to study at Hult, the one thing that remains consistent across our global campuses is the quality and rigor of our Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum.

At Hult, you'll master the fundamentals of global business while having the freedom to pursue your passions and gain invaluable real-world experience. You’ll also specialize by picking one of five Majors to study in-depth.
BBA Class Watching Speaker
BBA Class Watching Speaker

A typical class includes active discussions, role-plays, and exercises that thrust the students into real-life situations. It's challenging, but students thrive on these challenges and really perform at their best.

Elisabetta Ghisini

Professor of Management Communications

Earning your degree

Our undergraduate business curriculum comprises courses in General Education and Leadership Development, Business Core, Electives, and your Major - culminating in a Capstone Project.

You’ll earn 120 credits to complete your undergraduate degree. A credit is the basic unit of measurement for degree progression at most American universities. Individual courses at Hult are generally worth 3 credits, and you’ll earn at least 30 credits each year. 

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New clubs are formed on campus when like-minded students come together.
New clubs are formed on campus when like-minded students come together.

How you could graduate within three years:

  • Earn up to 12 additional credits each year through our Summer Programs.
  • Depending on the high school system in your home country, you may start your degree at Hult with up to 30 Advanced Placement credits.
  • If you qualify for our Academic Excellence Track, you can take extra courses during the academic year.
  • If you are transferring to Hult from another university, you could bring up to 60 qualifying credits with you.

6 out of 10

Hult students graduate in three years or less.


General Education & Leadership Development
Academic English Skills  
Cross-Cultural Communication  
Foreign Language Course  
Personal Branding  
Key Skills Toolbox:  
— Quantitative Skills
— Teamwork Skills
— Public Speaking
— Research Skills
— Excel Skills
— Presentation Skills

Business Core
Introduction to The Business Environment
Financial Accounting

Year 1 Total Credits: 30


General Education & Leadership Development
Ethics & Philosophy
Science & Technology
History & Society
Arts & Humanities

Business Core
Managerial Accounting
Principles of Entrepreneurship
Principles of Finance
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Business Statistics

Year 2 Total Credits: 30


General Education & Leadership Development
Global & Regional Electives  
Leadership Development Workshops:  
— Resilience & Mental Toughness
— Peer Assessment & Feedback
— Psychometric Evaluation & Analysis

Business Core
Corporate Responsibility
Business & The World Economy

Year 3 Total Credits: 30


General Education & Leadership Development
Global Citizenship  

Business Core
Global Strategy

Year 4 Total Credits: 30

YEARS 3 & 4

Major (your specialization)
In order to complete your Major, you will take at least 7 courses in your chosen field of specialization. We offer a choice of 5 Majors: Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, or Finance.
In your final years of study, you will complete 5 additional Electives of your choice, either within your Major or in another area of interest.
Capstone Project
Typically completed in your final year, your Capstone Project will consist of The Hult Business Challenge, a high-value internship, or a thesis.

Real-world business experience

From high-value internships to hands-on projects for real clients, you’ll constantly be challenged to put your classroom learning into practice at Hult.

You’ll gain relevant, hands-on experience and develop the communication skills and mental toughness required to thrive in today’s global marketplace. 

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Three students studying at Hult San Francisco
Three students studying at Hult San Francisco

The Academic Excellence track

At Hult, the most academically talented students are given a range of incentives and opportunities for accelerated degree progression. 

If you achieve outstanding results in your first year of study, you could be eligible for additional scholarship opportunities and courses exclusively for Academic Excellence students.

The Combined Degree Program

If your academic goal is to pursue a Master degree, our flexible curriculum makes it possible to earn your Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of International Business in just four years.

Discover Hult’s Combined Degree Program
Hult Undergraduate and Masters Combined Degree Program
Hult Undergraduate and Masters Combined Degree Program