Hult iBBA Career Services

Your Career

Hult's Career Services team will prepare you for a comprehensive and successful job search. 

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Professional Development

Hult's personalized approach toward professional and career development gives students an edge over typical university graduates on the competitive job market. Our philosophy is to give you every opportunity to develop through hand-son experience, exposure to employers and organizations, and individual support.

Courses and Workshops

Career Development courses are available to all bachelor students after their first year. It is designed to closely explore students' interests and skills and explore different ways of thinking about planning their professional development. Students develop skills in assessing their own interests and motivations, learn techniques for career strategy and management, and engage in research into specific job sectors related to their interests. Most importantly, students interview working professionals and learn more about their chosen career paths.

Hult Visionary Speaker Series

Visionary Speaker Series

Our Visionary Speaker Series has been enormously popular as an informal way for students to network and learn about different professional paths and industries. Throughout the year, we invite speakers from a wide range of industries and functions to our campuses. Speakers can range from management executives to innovative entrepreneurs and Hult alumni to CEOs. Students have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and benefit from the advice and insight of leaders from all types of professions.

A Personalized Approach

The Career Development program places Hult students ahead of other graduates because of the practical experience you will gain and wide exposure to international business markets and professionals.

Career Consultation

Your career support starts as soon as you are accepted to Hult. Our dedicated team of professionals will help you devise strategies to match your skills with career opportunities and network with business communities.

Professional Development Courses

All undergraduates can participate in professional and career development courses after their first year and in employability and career advancement workshops in their third and fourth years. The goal is to advance students' communication skills and provide personalized career coaching.

Access to Hult's Alumni Network

Hult’s network of alumni is an impressive group of individuals that includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, and directors across a wide range of industries. You will have access to this network as well as Hult’s broad network of contacts around the world.