A Note to Parents

We pride ourselves on delivering individualized support to each and every student in our undergraduate program.

Student Testimony

“When Emily chose to study at Hult in London, we initially had mixed feelings. We wondered how she would manage living away from home for months at a time and in such a huge and expensive city. With the assistance of the university housing department, Emily secured a place in a student accommodation within a stone’s throw of the university campus, avoiding the need for additional travel and the associated costs and time.”

Susan Channon, mother of Emily Channon
United Kingdom
Class of 2012

A Note to Parents

Sending a child off to university is a big step. It’s a daunting thought. It’s an investment. And it’s a rite of passage not only for the student but also for the parents.

Personalized attention

We pride ourselves on delivering individualized counseling to each and every student in our undergraduate program. Academic tutors guide students during one-on-one sessions to select courses and chart a right career path. Caring professors and attentive staff in Student Services, Administration, and Career Services are always willing to offer support and advice to all our undergraduates.

Studying in London or San Francisco

Our extensive experience with international students assures everything from medical and travel insurance, to student visas as well as prompt and accurate assistance for international students living abroad. Studying in either London or San Francisco will be a smooth, safe transition into the real-world.

Health Insurance

For peace of mind while you are enrolled at Hult, all students are required to have adequate accident and health insurance.  Hult has negotiated favorable terms with Erika Travel Insurance for international students studying at Hult*. This plan covers travel and medical for the duration of your degree program. Once you are admitted to Hult, you can apply for this insurance.

Highlights of Erika’s worldwide coverage:

  • 24/7 assistance
  • Unlimited and worldwide medical coverage including prescriptions
  • Unlimited emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Erika pays for two family members to visit in case of very serious illness or accident
  • Cash-refund of part of the program fee in case you need to interrupt the program due to serious illness or family death
  • All Hult-organized activities such as internships, sports, and excursions are covered
  • Generous property coverage, including valuables and cash
  • Liability & legal coverage
  • School staff can help you on the spot with claim forms and emergency contact details

Download more information for parents:   Parents Information

*All students are required to have adequate accident and health insurance. Hult has negotiated favorable premiums for our students with an international insurance company, Erika Travel Insurance. The policy protects against expenses incurred by accident or illness and provides coverage for loss or theft of baggage and personal effects. Full details will be sent to you along with confirmation of acceptance. Students who do not wish to purchase this policy are obliged to obtain alternative and adequate insurance and provide a copy of the insurance policy. Erika Travel Insurance may not be available at all Hult campuses, in which case Hult will endeavor to provide other suitable insurance for purchase.