The Curriculum

Each student will declare a concentration to study during years three and four.

Concentration Courses*

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior
    • Digital Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Public Relations
    • Branding

    * Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change


    Marketing professionals are vital not just to organizations but to society as a whole. A concentration in marketing prepares you to communicate with the world.

    The road to marketing savvy

    Marketing is driven by the belief that customers, before products or services, are the path to profit. To succeed in the marketplace, a company must first identify and respond to customer needs, and then convince customers that it can meet their needs better than anyone else. Marketing and public relations experts shape popular perception about products, people, and organizations. They need to have a thorough knowledge of the media, including the new world of social networks. After a Hult concentration in marketing, you will have the skills to do anything from launching the latest smartphone to running public relations for a political campaign.

    Curriculum for a Digital Age

    The digital revolution has changed the face of marketing forever, destroying boundaries between professional marketers and consumers. Begin your career in the world of Web 2.0, where marketing messages are picked up by consumers and spread through social media. The Hult curriculum teaches you how to maximize the marketing magic of microblogs, mobile technology, and virtual worlds. Hult was among the first to incorporate digital marketing and the impact of social media and search engine technology into the curriculum.

    Gain concrete understanding of:

    • The art of digital marketing and other hot trends
    • The strengths and weaknesses of different marketing tools
    • How to apply marketing concepts to big-picture corporate strategy
    • How to present persuasive marketing plans