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Ray Meadows

Professor of Finance

MBA, University of California at Berkeley

Ray Meadows teaches Quantitative Methods in the MBA program at Hult International Business School. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a CPA, a licensed real estate broker, and a registered investment advisor in California. Mr. Meadows began his career in the international tax department of Price Waterhouse Coopers where he structured real estate transactions. Ray earned an MBA specializing in Real Estate and Finance at UC Berkeley, then spent two more years in the Finance/Real Estate Ph.D. program. He earned a Master’s in International Economics before leaving to join Wells Fargo Bank. In 1997 Mr. Meadows moved to Wall Street as a credit risk quant, first at ING Barings and later with Citigroup’s credit risk analytics group. In these positions, Mr. Meadows devised models for quantifying and pricing credit risks inherent in various types of capital markets instruments. In 2002 Ray founded Berkeley Investment Advisors where he currently manages money for wealthy individuals. In 2009, Ray Meadows formed the Recovery Company to market analytical software that calculates optimal terms for residential mortgage modifications using a mathematical algorithm. Mr. Meadows and Dr. Das are co-authors of a forth-coming academic paper called “Strategic Loan Modification: A Rational Response to Strategic Default.”