Bachelor of Business Administration

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Hands-on Experience

Impact Challenges from leading companies.
Faculty with real-world expertise.

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Global Rotation

Experience the world from Hult’s global campuses.

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Your Network Just Went Global

140 Nationalities. 105 Languages.
Globalize your personal and professional network.

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Top-Ranked Business School

Top 5 in % Salary Increase—The Economist.
Top 5 for International Business and International Experience—Financial Times.

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Bachelor of Business Administration Overview

Earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Hult, the most international business school in the world, which provides an exceptional global experience for undergraduates. Starting 2014, Hult will be the only business school with full undergraduate programs in both the U.S. and the U.K, which means you could spend four years at our San Francisco campus, four years at our London campus, or any combination between the two. Our Bachelor program provides you with a strong foundation in international business that will give you a competitive edge when you start your career. Participating in Hult Impact Challenges allows you to apply classroom learning to real-life business situations. You can also join a study tour to the U.S., U.K., Middle East, or China, which offers remarkable opportunities to broaden your horizons and international perspective.

bachelor of business administration - global rotation

Global Rotation

Our Bachelor program is available at our London campus and in 2014, the San Francisco campus will be available as a home campus and rotation center. Imagine spending one of our two summer terms learning at one of our other campuses around the world, giving you the opportunity to see the world and gain a global perspective. Our Global Rotation and Study Tours allow students to do just that and, in the process, gain a wealth of insight, experience, and understanding.

bachelor of business administration - Practical Learning

Practical Education

Unlike other business schools that are research-oriented, most of Hult’s faculty have real-world experience. Hult empowers students to develop real-world skills by completing Impact Challenges and consulting for a leading company or non-profit like IBM, Nike, or One Laptop per Child. This reinforces our mission to prepare job-ready graduates who can deliver results from day one.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Your Network

Your Global Network

Today’s global economy rewards people who can traverse borders, understand cultures, and operate in international contexts. Hult’s bachelor program provides you with an unrivaled, intimate global experience, working alongside peers from 140 nationalities speaking 105 languages, learning from faculty with American, European, and emerging market expertise. 

Top-Ranked Business School

Top-Ranked Business School

Hult continues its rapid ascent in business school rankings, currently ranking in the top 1% of all business schools. Hult is ranked #34 in the US and #59 in the world by The Economist (2013) and #61 in the world by the Financial Times (2014). Hult also ranks in the Financial Times' Top 10 for International Business, International Experience, International Students, International Faculty, and International Board.