Bachelor degree in London

Master of Finance in London

London advantages

Earning your Bachelor degree in London, officially the world’s most international city, will expand your network, both socially and professionally, increase options for you to seek out your true passion, and open up opportunities for a truly global career.

As the melting-pot of Europe, London has earned it's title as the most international city in the world. It’s the perfect environment for you to earn a Bachelor degree in business and launch your international career. All around you there will be chances for you to take your first steps into finance, economics, politics, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

The Hult London undergraduate campus

Hult House East is a brand new campus offering Bachelor students the most modern learning environment. Located in the middle of the most fashionable part of London, to the east of the city center and the financial district, in Aldgate East. Blending London’s industrial heritage with ultramodern interiors and outdoor terraces – this campus embodies contemporary London. Learn more about the area, and the student accommodation, on our accommodation page.

Learn from global business leaders in London

More than 120 corporate speakers visited our London postgraduate campus last year, sharing an events calendar with our Bachelor degree students, giving students a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and network with prominent business leaders.

Paul Polman

Speakers on campus

Recent speakers at our London campus include Jim O'Neill, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, who was a guest of the Finance Club, and Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever.

Networking at Hult London

Meet business leaders

As a Bachelor degree student in London you’ll have the opportunity to meet and gain insights from representatives from companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Santander, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, and Accenture.

Global rankings

When you choose to earn your Bachelor degree in London, or at any of our other campuses, you'll earn your degree from a business school ranked in the world’s top 1%.

Global Rotation program

Options to maximize your international experience

When you earn your Bachelor of Business Administration in London with us, you can choose to spend your summer studying at either one of our undergraduate home campuses in San Francisco and London, and you can choose to visit our locations in Dubai and Shanghai. We call this our Summer Rotation program. 


Georgio Georgiades, Hult Faculty

Dr. Georgio Georgiades

Professor of Management
Professor Georgiades has also served on the faculties of the Australian Institute of Business and the University of Wales, Trinity, St. David. He also has commercial experience working in various change management projects. Dr. Georgiades’ research has been published in several journals.

Students and alumni

Melina da Silva, Bachelor of Business Administration
“London is where the areas of study that I like were first created and discussed; economics and politics. These fields have always been lively in London, so you can learn just by wandering around. The cultural options available in London are just unbelievable, and in addition it is the world's most international city... I've learned so much about different cultures in such a short period of time; it really opens your eyes to how diverse and wonderful the world is.”

Melina Assumpção Lemos da Silva

Brazilian, BBA 2016

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