Bachelor Degree Scholarships

Bachelor Degree Scholarships

Scholarship Information

Scholarships may be awarded to applicants whose profile matches our scholarship requirements and based on the essay submission of 400-500 words.

Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is for candidates who have excelled in their studies, earning a high GPA or SAT score.

 Scholarship amount
 GPA 3.6+ 
 SAT 1300 (CR + M)

Social Impact

The Social Impact Scholarship is for students who have had an internship or worked on a project with a non-governmental organization (NGO), charity, or multilateral, or has their own social start-up organization (CAS project work and Model UN participation qualifies). For this scholarship, Hult is seeking applicants who have a strong passion for social entrepreneurship and have demonstrated the ability to implement solutions to benefit the greater society. Please answer at least two of the following questions in your essay submission:

  • Given adequate funding, how would you tackle the social, political, or environmental challenges you feel most passionate about?
  • How can the Hult classroom benefit from your experience?
  • How will your Hult Bachelor studies help you further develop your social impact skills?
  • What is it about social entrepreneurship that fascinates you?

Entrepreneurial Impact

The Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship is for students who have held an internship and have demonstrated involvement, leadership, or had a role in the outcome of an entrepreneurial project (school projects qualify). For this scholarship, Hult is seeking candidates who think and act with an entrepreneurial spirit and have a strong sense of how to put a project or idea into action. Please answer at least two of the following questions in your essay submission:

  • What is the most successful project or idea that you have made a reality?
  • Given adequate funding, what business, product, or service would you create?
  • What are your entrepreneurial goals and how is your experience at Hult going to support those goals?

Women in Business

The Women in Business Scholarship is for female applicants who have worked on a company project or have internship experience. For this scholarship, Hult is seeking female applicants who have demonstrated leadership potential and have the drive to create change or achieve success in today’s business environment. Please answer at least two of the following questions in your essay submission:

  • Why do you think it is important to have women in leadership positions?
  • Do you think the increase in women holding managerial positions has changed the dynamics of today's business environment? How and why?
  • What makes a good global leader? Explain how you have demonstrated these attributes.
  • What are your career aspirations?

Global Talent

The Global Talent Scholarship is a scholarship for Bachelor applicants who speak three or more languages and can demonstrate their global mind-set or global diversity through internship or project work on film or in writing. For this scholarship, Hult is seeking videos or essays that are creative, explore the applicant’s global experiences, and explain how Hult will support their future career. To apply for this scholarship, please include the link to your video or an essay detailing your skills with your online application.

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