Staying ahead of the game

Our ability to help organizations perform at the highest level lies in our well-crafted design approach. Applying cutting-edge research and real industry experience to curate our programs, individual client challenges and participant needs, remain at the center. 

Current research

Our current research covers a wide range of projects and themes relevant to businesses, organizations and leaders. We also deliver commissioned research and work in partnership with organizations with whom we have mutual interests. To find out more about our research projects, use our projects database.

Research projects database

Creating Disruption highlights the strategies that anticipate, shape, and react to changes in international markets. What local or global events, technology, or scenarios enable or trigger a new strategy? How are strategies constructed, communicated, and implemented? How well do specific strategies perform, especially in multinational environments? How can strategies that are successful in one market be leveraged in another market that might be half way around the globe? Learn more

Transforming Behavior relates to the continuous improvement of organizational and personal leadership practices. This involves rigorous data-driven assessment of the interventions and programs that generate the greatest long-term improvement in the behavior of individuals, teams, and organizations in business settings globally. Learn more


Our custom approach enables us to partner with you to identify your individual and organizational needs. To make the most of your time, before the program we assess your capabilities with our personalized psychometric tests and incorporate these findings into your education. We follow up with you after your program with action plans, peer learning groups, and coaching to ensure that what you learn is applied in the workplace, maximizing your personal and organizational ROI.

Working in partnership - Our design approach

Our research covers a wide range of topics that are critical to personal and organizational success in today’s competitive, fast-moving climate. These include long-term research interests in sustainability and changing demographics.
Recent ground-breaking research has investigated the impact of lack of sleep on the physical health, business, and personal lives of managers, and the growing importance of mindfulness amongst leaders.

A design maximizing ROI

From CFOs to entrepreneurs, our faculty continues our 50+year tradition, as professionals who educate. Our faculty focuses on the application of business rather than just the theory and unlike most business schools, our practical research is singularly focused on identifying the real problems facing business today and then solving them through behavioral change and leadership.


Baby Boomers at Work 

By Dr. Carina Paine Schofield & Sue Honoré  

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Speaking Truth to Power
By Megan Reitz and John Higgins

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The Mindful Leader: Research Findings
By Megan Reitz, Michael Chaskalson, Sharon Olivier, Lee Waller 

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The Wake up Call
By Dr. Vicki Culpin and Ayiesha Russell

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Ashridge also publishes a range of regular news updates featuring research, including: Insights and 360°, The Ashridge Journal.

Research publications

We conducted interviews with a globally diverse group of 90 business leaders to understand their views on business education. We asked them what skills they want in their employees and how MBA programs can improve to help develop those skills. Both the The Future of Business Education & the Needs of Employers' executive summary and full report can be downloaded below.

Download the executive summary
Download the full report

Working in partnership

We have been perfecting our unique experiential approach to executive education for over 30 years. As a result, our education is both world-class and enjoyable, which is why companies like Ferrari and the Premier League choose us. 

Our neuroscience-inspired approach pushes you out of your comfort zone and to develop "muscle memory" to prepare you for future disruption. Participants are prepared for real-life challenges and through a deeper awareness of their individual leadership style, 

Research office

The Ashridge Research Office is run by experienced, professional researchers. The research team works in partnership with a network of Research Fellows and Associates. 
Each of our researchers is broadly aligned to one of the six Ashridge Research Centres, offering advice and guidance in their specialist research areas.

Student-led research: Hult Real-Time Research

Consultancy opportunities for the brightest Hult students, in partnership with big-name global disruptors. Former collaborators include Airbnb, Google, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Swarovski. 

Real-Time Research is market and innovation research undertaken by a select team of Hult students in collaboration with a major global company. Students also receive specialist support and mentorship from Hult faculty with relevant expertise and experience.