Our research is focused on the issues that are uppermost in global business leaders’ minds.

Thinking ahead

Our strength lies in translating ground-breaking thinking into the practices that underpin our programs, to help organizations perform at the highest level and stay ahead of the game.

Relevant to business

We work closely with our clients and partners to conduct research that informs and improves the practice of management. 

EMBA students in a meeting room
EMBA students in a meeting room
By grounding our research in the everyday practices of leaders, we ensure that our research has relevance and value both for organizations and for leaders. 

Thought-leadership and expertise

The focus of our research is on the existing issues facing individual leaders and organisations and, more crucially, future global trends. 

Our research covers a wide range of topics that are critical to personal and organizational success in today’s competitive, fast-moving climate. These include long-term research interests in sustainability and changing demographics.
Recent ground-breaking research has investigated the impact of lack of sleep on the physical health, business, and personal lives of managers, and the growing importance of mindfulness amongst leaders.

Six specialist research centers

Each of our six research centers focuses on a specialist area of research or practice: sustainability, leadership, strategic management, executive development, coaching, and action research.

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Over 3000 authored publications

All our latest research reports, articles, and over 3000 of our authored publications are accessible through our Research Publications Database.

In addition to reports and articles, we also publish a quarterly journal and newsletter featuring our research.

Research Publications